Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 138 - The One We Applied Topically To Gain It’s Goopy iEnergies!

June 30, 2017

In this week’s show, NASA asks French televangelists to pray for the lift-off of it’s newest cola powered rocket, La Fausse Mouche!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Proteus (Greek Old Man of the Sea) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson
This week I learned that it's not PC to call someone a tweaker. They are ‘Methican American.’

Jim’s Good Gay News
Um...I'm having a hard time with good news this week. Instead, I have a public service announcement. We're recording on National HIV Testing Day. Go get tested and know your status!

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Graham Cracker Porter | Denver Beer Co

  • Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2sMlq7u
  • BA Score: 85
  • ABV: 5.8%
  • Style: American Porter
  • Aaron: 7
  • Jim: 3
  • Shea: 2
  • Steve: 8

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

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iTunes Reviews

Great show! Love you guys! 5 Stars By: Pastor Timothy (Australia)

Big love from Australia. Keep it up. Ps. Timothy

No new drunk dials this week, and drunk dials really stroke (hehe) our egos

Email We received an email from a listener, Chayne:

I freaking love you guys. I listen to you guys on my way from work every Friday and always look forward to it. Keep doing what you're doing because it works. My state got mentioned last week, good ole ass-backwards Tennessee, where people fly the American and Confederate flag side by side because these bastards are too stupid to see the irony. And speaking of Tennessee, if you guys ever get a beer from Yee-Haw Brewery don't even waste time trying it, pretty sure you could strip paint with it.

Also, Shane, your mom got that spelling because of all the wonderful drugs that go into childbirth now ;)


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Jim, what have you been up to?

Atheism 101 with Matt & Tim


After this great drinking birthday weekend, I’m glad I can recover with Gwyneth Paltrow. http://bit.ly/2tvkLLc

  • Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop is now peddling a product called Body Vibes, wearable stickers that purport to “promote healing” and “rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies.”
  • These stickers, which cost $60 for a pack of 10, will allegedly work magic on your body, including reducing inflammation, “boosting cell turnover,” and “smoothing out both physical tension and anxiety.”
  • The aestheticians (beauty care specialists) who invented the Body Vibes stickers claim their products are made with “the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits so they can monitor an astronaut’s vitals during wear.” This special technology uses “bio-frequency that resonates with the body's natural energy field.”
  • NASA told Paoletta that spacesuits “do not have any conductive carbon material lining the spacesuits.” A former chief NASA scientist added, “What a load of BS this is.”
  • Actual Testimonials
    • These are real conversation starters!
    • When I wear my anti-anxiety sticker I'm not anxious!
    • Unicorn Skin calms down my skin because I travel a lot.
  • Recommended by professionals like Mia Moretti the famous DJ Fashion Muse, Kelsey Fafase Beauty Expert, Christine Dionese integrative food therapist… these are real people with real made up jobs who know real science when they see it!
  • This is SCIENCE!
  • If you can’t trust stickers maybe a $200 box of crap will make you feel better! http://bit.ly/2tvwVUq

Once again an upstanding pastor, evangelist, television host, author, humanitarian, philanthropist, a businessman is being dragged through the mud! http://n.pr/2tvMMSN?

  • North Carolina televangelist Todd Coontz – author of numerous books on faith and finances – has been indicted on charges of tax fraud spanning more than a decade.

    • "As a minister, Coontz preached about receiving and managing wealth, yet he failed to keep his own finances in order," Jill Westmoreland Rose, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, said as she announced the charges. "Coontz will now receive a first-hand lesson in 'rendering unto Caesar' that which is due." The charges include three counts of failure to pay tax, each carrying a maximum federal prison term of one year, and four counts of aiding and assisting in filing false tax returns, each carrying a maximum term of three years.
  • The televangelist "promised financial miracles for people who sent money to his ministry," according to Channel 9 WSOCTV of Charlotte, N.C. The news station recounts some examples of his claims:
    • " 'You need to plant the $273 recovery seed. I'm only going to give you two to three minutes to respond,' Coontz once told his viewers.
    • "Coontz posted videos on Twitter as recently as Wednesday, promising financial blessings to the faithful.
    • " 'Suddenly miracles are happening. I want to work with your faith for quick things, swift things,' Coontz said in the video."
  • Coontz's attorney Mark Foster said in a statement "Todd Coontz has always endeavored to follow the law and to be a good citizen, father, and minister. He trusted others to manage his finances and taxes for him and was shocked to find out he was under criminal investigation by the IRS."
    • He also allegedly purchased the following vehicles through his corporations or ministry: "a 2011 BMW, a 2011 Regal 2500 boat, a 2012 BMW convertible, a 2011 Lexus, a 2011 Land Rover, a 2006 Ferrari, a 2012 Maserati, a 2013 BMW, a 2013 Land Rover, and a 2012 Ferrari." It adds that his ministry purchased a $1.5 million condominium. His corporations also deducted as business expenses more than $200,000 for clothing purchases and tens of thousands of dollars for meals and entertainment.

This Week’s Stories

Aaron’s Story

Prayer, Avionics and things you don’t want to hear a pilot say... http://bit.ly/2tveyyM

  • After 90 minutes in the air, 359 passengers aboard an AirAsiaX flight Sunday felt a small explosion from the left wing before it proceeded to shake “like a washing machine” for the next two hours.

  • Multiple videos were taken aboard the flight from Perth, Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, showing the violent shaking and the passengers reactions. One video was posted to Instagram with the caption, “I thought I might die.”

    “Our survival depends on you cooperating. Hopefully, everything will turn out for the best,” said the pilot in a mid-air announcement. Passengers also reported that the pilot twice asked for them to “please pray.”

  • The flight landed safely there while passengers still brave enough to fly waited hours for another flight and were offered a $20 voucher, according to the 7 News Brisbane.

Steve’s Story - http://argusne.ws/2tvC4Mj

Profile of Dale Hemming. The man behind Sioux Falls, SD’s Feminist, Atheist, Thinker’s billboards.

For about the past three years, a bunch of billboards around Sioux Falls that speak out in a way that we rarely see in this country. They espouse that the reader thinks, and think about topics that we as skeptics and freethinkers can appreciate. The billboard campaign sends readers to several different websites,

like Sioux Falls Free Thinkers, Sioux Falls Atheists, Sioux Falls Scientists, Sioux Falls Zoologists, and Sioux Falls Feminists

Messages such as Sioux Falls Feminists Domestic Abuse Looks Like This! You NEVER deserve Domestic Abuse! You Are Not Alone! Help’s at SiouxFallsFeminist.com. (with a picture of a child or woman, cowering in a corner)


Sioux Falls Atheists Millions Are Good

Without God! 98 Million Americans Are Living Happily Without Religion! Being A Good Person Does Not Require A God! Join Us! SiouxFallsAtheists.com

Evolution Is A Fact! The Earth Is Over 4 Billion Years Old! Those Who Think It Is Only 6,000 Years Old Are Still In The Dark Ages! SiouxFallsScientists.com

The man behind this campaign is a 73-year-old retiree named Dale Hemming. Hemming spent a career working for Graco, Inc. where he patented five inventions, and during his time at Graco, he always held onto his stock each time it split. By the time he retired, he had accumulated some wealth and now he’s spending his money to educate people about the topics he believes in.

According to an interview on unitedcor.org - United Coalition of Reason’s website: http://bit.ly/2tvpwV6

Hemming became an atheist in 1965, “when I was 21 in college when I read the works of Ayn Rand, which convinced me there was no God even though I rejected the rest of her philosophy.”

“I became a feminist in 1960 in junior high school, arguing against the sexual double standard (boys were supposed to have sex with any girl they could, and “good” girls were never supposed to have sex before marriage, only “bad” girls did), which made me unpopular with both the boys and the girls at that time.”

While volunteering at Women’s Advocates in St. Paul starting in 2002, he saw first hand the damage caused by domestic violence and child abuse.

While not formally partnered with any major interest groups similar to his own, he sees his campaign as a way to keep busy and use his money in a positive way vs buying cars or vacations. He has no children to support and twice divorced and no other close family, so this is his way of reaching out and spending his retirement time.

He drives a compact that could belong to any college student in the city, were it not for the car-top sign announcing that “Child sex abuse is never your fault” and offering help at his Sioux Falls Feminists website.

“I’ve got nothing else to do with my time, I might as well try and educate people,” Hemming said.

Patreon Quiz

What do you deserve to die for? - http://bit.ly/2tvwfyq

The generic word God is used for all deity names, and names of places or people have been replaced with generic terms. How well do you know your Torah, Bible, or Quran and Hadith? Can you tell which is which? Give it a try and then check the key at the bottom.

Next Week's Beer

Bud Light & Clamato Chelada - Anheuser-Busch

From fan, twitterer, and all around awesome person @CraigDeFarmer

Faith In Humanity Restored

Mickey Minnie Mouse Sign Love Deaf Boy Disneyland - https://yhoo.it/2u4OlEx

Cognitive Disabilities Services - http://bit.ly/2u4Zmpm

Bonus Cat Video

"Marvel's Spider-Man" Origin Short #1 - http://bit.ly/2u52wJH

Inhumans - http://bit.ly/2u4OpnL

Goose Island Beer Collabs with S U R V I V E - http://bit.ly/2u52x0d

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Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 137 - The One Where We’re Coming Out of Patreon!

June 23, 2017


In celebration of Pride Month, we've released this extra fab, extra Jim, patreon show to everyone! If you like the extra content (it's not always extra beers by the way) please think about supporting the show by visiting https://patreon.com/w4w and donating as little as a dollar a show! Thanks, * ~ Aaron**

In this week’s show, Jim set his lasers to rainbowlific and targets the Mormon church for laying peacock-pipe across Europe!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Aaron’s Birthday (he’s finally gotten past his puberty) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying their patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that hangman is a great game to teach kids that if they don’t learn to spell, they could be put to death.

Jim’s Good Gay News

It's pride month, even if the White House hasn't been as supportive, vocal, aware, responsive, humane…. Regardless, happy pride everyone! Also, I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Peter, Pale And Mary | Mikkeller ApS

From German Denis!

  • Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2sMtNzY
  • BA Score: 87
  • ABV: 4.6%
  • Style: American Pale Ale (APA)
  • Aaron: 6
  • Jim-: 4
  • Shea: 7
  • Steve: 7

Bonus | Zima - Coors Brewing Company

  • ABV: 5%
  • Style: Malt Liquor
  • Aaron: 8
  • Jim: 6
  • Shea: 4
  • Steve: 5

Mango Cream Ale | Miner Brewing Company (Hill City, SD)

  • ABV: 4.6
  • IBU: 12
  • Style: Cream Ale
  • Notes: Refreshing and bright, Mango Cream Ale begins with lightly macerated mango and malt on the nose with a lingering mango and malt finish.
  • Aaron: 8
  • Jim: 9
  • Shea: 8
  • Steve: 2

Aaron’s Bonus Beer!

Elysian Dark o’ the Moon - Elysian Brewing - ABV: 6.5% - BA Link: http://bit.ly/2t0YAfJ - Style: Cream Ale - Aaron: 1 - Jim: 5 - Shea: 1 - Steve: 0

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Bonus drink! From Shea

Jim’s Pussy!

It’sa ma birfday! ~Aaron

New voicemail from The Napkin Pope, thank you, sir!

Titular Bishop Andrew left us an unsolicited dick pic…

Love From Down South
iTunes by VolatileChems

Love you guys. You guys sound like fantastic people to drink with, but I'll have to settle for listening in as of right now. This big, gay grizzly bear wishes you well, and I hope you have many shows to come.

Megan emailed to tell us about Echigo stout - Banki!

Troy emailed, we’re glad that we can provide you an outlet from the Tennassy folks and their weird church biz!

Follow up: Dumpster fire of a governor, Matt Bevin, of Kentucky responded in a video statement to critics of his “let’s all walk and pray the crime away” idea, attacking his critics and blaming the media for quoting him verbatim. Not a single mention of how prayer is actually useful.


Pissed Peacock perforates pints of Perignon - http://bit.ly/2t11npl

  • This week a peacock strutted into Royal Oaks Liquors in California, and made himself comfortable amongst the wine bottles, and was content to relax under a Pabst neon sign.
  • “A lady said, 'Hey, uh, you have a bird inside your store,'" manager Rani Ghanem, recalled. Apparently, the store’s door had been accidentally left open, allowing the bird to saunter inside.
  • An animal control officer showed up on the scene to coax the bird out, but as the video clearly shows, he was out of his league. The agitated bird outsmarts capture and crashes around the store, breaking bottles as he flaps his wings to escape the net.
  • According to the manager, the bird ended up destroying around $500 in Champagne and other expensive wines.
  • He'll be released at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden – hopefully putting a swift end to his reign of terror at Southern California liquor stores.

You can take those fidget spinners and shove them right up your ass if you ask me!


  • Unless you live in a cave or maybe outside of the states you have heard of fidget spinners, It consists of a bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from metal or plastic.
  • Fidget spinners have now reached critical mass. People are attaching rockets to them, balancing them on the heads of alligators, and the heads of their penises. What’s really left to do? Apparently, the answer is glue one to the end of a butt plug.
  • Recently added to their store Fidget Spinner butt plugs are now real, and available for purchase.
  • GlowFyourself’s Etsy shop sells them for only $35 for a small and $55 for a large!
  • Social anxiety? Easily distracted? Want something that will REALLY confuse your family? Try this out!
  • Be the talk of every party, become the rectal tilt a whirl you've dreamt of, legitimately identify as that Apache attack helicopter you've always known you really were!
  • This is sure to help you stay focused in bed, never get distracted while hitting it from behind again!

Underground beer pipe almost complete! - http://bbc.in/2t0Yipe

  • An underground beer pipeline is being laid for the Wacken Open Air (WOA) hard rock festival, which kicks off in northern Germany in August. It is part of a new 7km (four-mile) pipeline network, which organizers say will make the event more eco-friendly. The beer flow rate should fill six glasses every six seconds, thanks to the 35cm (14-inch) diameter pipeline.
  • WOA is one of the world's biggest heavy metal events. The line-up will include Megadeth, Alice Cooper, and Trivium.
  • The venue is on the edge of a village in Schleswig-Holstein with 1,850 residents. This year WOA will feature 150 bands, pumping out their rock numbers from 3-5 August.
  • German media report that WOA, spread over three days, attracts about 75,000 heavy metal fans each year. Each one consumes on average 5.1 liters (nine pints) of beer during the festival. Approx 5500 Kegs of beer.
  • On the WOA website, the organizers say the pipelines are an investment to make the festival more sustainable and cost-effective.
  • Beer trucks will no longer churn up the fields every day to reach thirsty fans. The pipelines will meet strict hygiene standards, they stress.

This Week’s Stories

Patreon Story This week's patreon story is proudly outa the cloud... [cough]. We're publishing this week's patreon episode publicly to wrap up Pride Month! Thanks to everyone who makes this show possible!

Don't forget to check out WyoAIDS.org for more information about how you can help those living with HIV/AIDS in Wyoming!

Paramedic says deadly fires were caused by 12 gay weddings - http://bit.ly/2t0F5DZ

  • They’ve been blamed by a paramedic for fires in South Africa that have devastated large parts of the country.
  • More than six people have been killed, including a three-year-old child and a firefighter, in the fire and 10,000 people have been evacuated.
  • A paramedic has been suspended over his remarks saying that the fires were God’s revenge on the country for allowing 12 gay marriages at The weddings he was writing about took place at the annual Pink Loerie Mardi Gras and Arts festival
  • Afrikaaner Bossie Boshoff, (Bossie isn’t his real first name) said that the fires in Knysna happened only after the Dutch Reformed Church allowed the weddings to go ahead.

He wrote

Can you remember last year when Knysna was made up in pink and 12 homosexual marriages took place on one day? It was only after the election of the Dutch Reformed Church when they approved gay homosexual marriage. It was all over the newspapers. It dared god. They mustn’t cry now about the fire. God doesn’t let himself be mocked.’

Netcare911 managing director Craig Grindell confirmed that Boshoff had been suspended and would face a disciplinary panel next week.

Mr. Grindell said: ‘Netcare and Netcare 911 have a firm, zero-tolerance stance towards discrimination of any kind.

We will not hesitate to take the strongest possible action when made aware of any action, and or behaviour, of a staff member which transgresses the company’s values, ethics and code of conduct.

Jim Story

Mass Resignation at HIV Council Exposes Trump's Cruelty


  • The Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS has been gutted after six members quit, writing in a blistering letter to Newsweek that President Trump is allowing people to suffer and die.
  • Scott Schoettes, HIV Project director at Lambda Legal, penned the letter. Schoettes quit the Presidential Advisory Council last week, along with 5 other HIV advocates.
  • "As advocates for people living with HIV, we have dedicated our lives to combating this disease and no longer feel we can do so effectively within the confines of an advisory body to a president who simply does not care," Schoettes writes.
  • Presidential Advisory Council was created in 1995 — under the administration of President Bill Clinton — to help the president best tackle the epidemic via the help of researchers, health professionals, faith leaders, HIV advocates, and people living with the disease.
  • The council has continued to advise administrations and, under President Obama's tenure, helped produce the influential National HIV/AIDS Strategy.
  • Trump’s record:
    • took down the website of the Office of National AIDS Policy
    • has not appointed a leader for the White House Office of National AIDS Policy
    • Trump refused to meet with HIV leaders when running for president, something both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders did
    • And TrumpCare/AHCA: "Between ... defunding Medicaid expansion, imposing per-person caps on benefits, and/or block granting the program, the changes to Medicaid contemplated by the American Health Care Act would be particularly devastating for people living with HIV."
  • The people most affected by Trump's cruel indifference: low-income people of color, transgender women, and gay and bi people in Southern states where leaders are itching to cut off funding for meds and health care.

Next Week's Beer

Graham Cracker Porter | Denver Beer Co.

Faith In Humanity Restored

Gay Men’s Chorus drowns out pride protest the best way possible: by singingk


Bonus Cat Video

Hotel Ad Uses Noah's Ark Story to Welcome All Types of Couples - http://bit.ly/2t0UcgE

Gay Men's Chorus of Washington confronts protestors with music - http://bit.ly/2t0Yk0f

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Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 136 - The One Where We Fall Off The Edge Of The Earth Disk

June 16, 2017

In this week’s show The Prophet Jeremiah helps stop hate preaching flat earthers by selling them on an abstinence-only reproduction plan… And drugs. So many drugs.
Is attrition a drug?.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Mbomba (the creator god of the Congo) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

I don’t exist.

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel (and the only person to win 2) kept detailed journals of her scientific work? You probably aren’t surprised. BUT did you know that these journals are still so radioactive they cannot be handled safely and are stored in lead-lined boxes?

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Daura Märzen | Damm S. A. of Spain

  • Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2s9NbJW
  • BA Score: 81
  • ABV: 7.2%
  • Style: Märzen / Oktoberfest
  • Aaron: 0
  • Jenn: 0
  • Jeremiah: 3
  • Steve: 0

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Starting off Round Table we need to say hi to The Prophet Jeremiah!

Thanks for joining us this weekend. If you want to find out more about what he does go to…

RIP Adam West.


We have a lot of patrons to thank this week! Not only that, but I’m pretty confident that we’ve just set a record for patrons thanked in a show, but don’t worry, records are made to be broken and you can help by visiting http://patreon.com/w4w and pledging as little as a buck a month for shows that often run half again as long, or at least have a unique story, and you’ll get free episodes of our beers show 4 More Beers! So what are you waiting for, join the awesome ranks of:

  • Luke - pretty sure Skywalker
  • Michael - hopefully not Corleone
  • Cory
  • Candace
  • Heeby, and,
  • Hell Bound Kangaroo — what… what, does a kangaroo do to go to hell? Be all Fundyroo and rude to sloths and ancient bison.

We do want to remind folks to check their settings in Patreon. We’ve had a high number of declined payments which means folks are getting content!


We got a voicemail from the ever lovely Miss Martina Gras

Also received a nice 3:01 min butt dial. Keep‘em coming

We also got a few text messages which are great! We’re glad you’re enjoying the show, those beers look great and keep the jokes coming in at Drunk Dial Line: (513) 760–0463

Finally, we got a few emails at Podast@Waiting4Wrath.com

Fatboy_rob asks where the cool song we play after our beer review comes from. It’s a fun song from a great Aussie band called Elbow Skin. Check out the “thanks” page on waiting4wrath.com for the music video and all their links.

Far East Poke
Now… about getting us some of that sweet Filipino beer… San Miguel, Lao Dark from Laos, and Shigha from Thailand are on the list and, if we have listeners in those parts of the world, hook us up!


We don’t have anything from iTunes but we do have a new review from Stitcher!
★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.

Great show

Humorous, witty and well informed. Great show. Found via Cognitive Dissonance podcast.

Jenn has a correction from last week’s story. King RICHARD III, not Henry was found buried under the parking garage.


It’s important to get the word out - http://bit.ly/2syr5kz

  • A new shockingly ironic electronic billboard outside of the Philadelphia airport is asking people to do their research
  • For 8 seconds every minute, it will urge people to “Research Flat Earth”
  • Purchased by Math Powerland of Flat Plane Society, for $835 and funded via GoFundMe
  • This super smart person says NASA pictures and videos of the curved earth are faked.
  • “We believe it’s all faked. All of it is in front of CGI, augmented reality, the space walks are most part done in desalinated water tanks,”
  • Rejected ideas for the billboard: WE KNOW. THEY KNOW WE KNOW. DO YOU? THE EARTH IS FLAT”

Fake. This time it’s not fake news, but rather fake drugs - http://bit.ly/2syhXfK

  • What a letdown. You pays your money, but you don’t get your high.
  • David Brady of Albany, NY was arrested at the Bonnaroo music festival for selling fake drugs
  • Fucker has 1000 hits of LSD, 37 pills of Molly, 22 bags of mushrooms, 20 bags of Coke, and some black tar heroin, except it was all fake, fake, fake.
  • He was arrested on a charge of possession of counterfeit controlled substances
  • He did the same thing in 2015 at Wakarusa music festival in Arkansas and was released on bond, but failed to show up for court
  • Now he will face charges from both incidents, first in Tennessee, then back to Arkansas
  • He claimed that he was doing gods work by selling the fakes
  • People like this give good drug dealers a bad name

Shocker (no not that kind), lots of teen mothers in Texas - http://nyp.st/2syljzE

  • A study from Florida Pensacola shows that while nationally, this rate is in decline (btw 2006-12), there are pockets of problems.
  • Texas has the 5th highest rate with 35K in 2014 and leads the country in repeat teen preg. according to CDC
  • There’s a double whammy in Texas regarding teen pregnancy since not only to 58% of school districts have abstinence-only ed, and 25% don’t teach it at all, there’s also a lack of access to birth control.
  • Texas closed 82 fam planning clinics in 2011
  • Texas does offer free birth control to low-income teens as of 2015, but it still requires parental permission.

This Week’s Stories

Jenn’s Story

Emmanuel Macron continues his dark horse rise to become world president of my heart.

Business Insider

The French government (led personally by President Macron) has initiated the Make Our Planet Great Again movement, in direct response to our Commander In Chief (a discarded bag of rotting hot wing skins) and his decision to withdraw from Paris Climate agreement.

http://bit.ly/2syi232 ← Watch this, it is glorious.

This movement is creating an outlet for scientists, teachers, researchers, and students to continue their work to fight climate change. Because this is what real countries, led by real leaders, do.

Per Business Insider:

Researchers, teachers, and students can apply for a four-year grant that allows them to continue their studies or instruction, fully financed

Businesspeople and heads of NGOs can also apply to receive funding from the federal government, which issues grants to organizations it considers deserving.

The Make Our Planet Great Again website goes into a more detailed explanation:

You will be able to stay in France at least for the duration of the grant, and longer if you are granted a permanent position. There is no restriction on your husband/wife working in France. If you have children, note that French public schools are free, and the tuition fees of universities and 'grandes écoles' are very low compared to the American system.”

I recognize the Grade A delicious shade in this small paragraph and say ‘merci’ to the entire nation of France for calling America on its goddamn bullshit so beautifully. It’s only missing a blurb on national health care to be total perfection. France, you are a magnificent bastard.

Jeremiah’s 15 Minute Second Half

The SJW Circle-Jerk Don't listen to this show, it's terrible!http://bit.ly/2syD2XC

Gaytheist Manifesto
With Callie Wright & a full crew of great folks! - Web: http://bit.ly/1I4XgrO - Gaytheist Patheos Blog: http://bit.ly/2t8i1zR - @TheGaytheist: http://bit.ly/2t874ON - Facebook: http://bit.ly/2t7UNdc - @GaytheistCallie - http://bit.ly/2t8lRJm

No Religion Required
With Bobby C. & Mrs. Ashley
- Podcast: http://apple.co/2t80FDr - Blog: http://bit.ly/2t8m7YQ - Facebook: http://bit.ly/2oPffNP - @NoReligionReq: http://bit.ly/2t86r7Y - YouTube: http://bit.ly/2t7HZDR

Patreon Story

Institute on the Constitution’s David Whitney can’t decide who’s worse. I mean, sure the terrorist murdered innocent people. But Grande’s singing and dancing is sexual. http://bit.ly/2syw8Sh

Find out how we handled this guy's bull shit at http://patreon.com/w4w!


Next Week's Beer

Peter, Pale And Mary | Mikkeller ApS
From German Denis!

Faith In Humanity Restored

This police dog was fired from his job for an adorable reason - http://bit.ly/2syg2Id

This is Gavel, a German Shepherd who was recruited as a puppy to train as a police dog - but ended up getting the sack.

Unfortunately, Gavel was found to be not up to the task. As the police put it, he "did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line."

The problem was, Gavel was too sociable. He loved meeting strangers, and would much rather play with someone than help arrest them.

However, as one door closes another opens - and Gavel was offered a new job working for the Governor of Queensland, where he holds the official title Vice-Regal Dog.

His duties include greeting visitors to Queensland's Government House and attending official functions with Governor Paul de Jersey.

"Gavel on occasions sits in on briefings with the Governor. Gavel has also demonstrated his capacity to uphold the ceremonial importance of his role at State of Origin time."

"He has outgrown four ceremonial coats, undergone a career change, and brought untold joy to the lives of the governor, Mrs de Jersey, Government House staff, and the thousands of Queenslanders who have since visited the estate."

Bonus Cat Video

Weak Ass Alt-Righters: http://bit.ly/2syz2q7 SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING – NBA Finals “Watch the Game” Extended Cut - http://bit.ly/2syP5nD Nick Offerman Answers Woodworking Questions From Twitter | Tech Support - http://bit.ly/2syHiGA

Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 135 - The One Where We Pray The Preacherbots Away

June 9, 2017

In This Week’s Show, episode 135, Shea slapped DisPod’s ass and we rode the wave all the way to the top of Religion Other, thanks, guys!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Mami Wata (the African goddess who is the embodiment of water) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know Hans Christian Anderson (he of terribly depressing children’s fables) was in real life a distractingly awkward bisexual uber-masturbater? In fact, he kept a detailed journal of every...emission, complete with time, satisfaction level and what he fantasized about. Kinda makes my childhood feel weird.

And I’m Steve, But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Bruce Banner APA - Lost Cabin Beer Co. - Rapid City, South Dakota

Provided by Steve

  1. Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2rL1a95
  2. BA Score: n/a
  3. ABV: 5.6%
  4. Style: American Pale Ale (APA)
  5. Aaron: 7
  6. Jenn: 8
  7. Steve: 7

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Jenn and I were on Cognitive Dissonance!

Episode 362: Waiting 4 Wrath - Dissonancepod.com/Waiting-4-Wrath - http://bit.ly/2s9Y0fc

Big thanks to Tom and Cecil!

We had a blast and, I think, did a pretty good job of not letting our nerves get the best of us…

So check it out!

We were also on the most recent episode of 403 of the Imaginary Friends Show doot cum poodcast and it was great! So hearty thanks to Jake for tolerating our nonsense not once but twice!

iFriends 403: iFriends 403 Fallout - http://bit.ly/2s9Ir7c

And so, if you’re joining us from Jake’s show please be aware that we use terrible, terrible language, get drunk and then try to wax poetic, but usually just end up making jokes about waxing Shea.

If you’re joining us from Cognitive Dissonance please know that our show is a lot like theirs… except without the thoughtfulness or insight.

That’s a lot of other shows but we can't forget our friends Matt & Tim!

You heard them question my commercial ability and drive Jenn to her wits end, now go listen to them have a real discussion about religious history, research and being all smarty-pantses!

Atheism 101 - Atheism101podcast.com!

And we have one more, the Prophet Jeremiah will be in studio next week!


While we’re ‘yakking’ about other shows we need to celebrate this week’s newest patreon - Secular Yakking! http://secularyakking.com

Secular Yakking is a great talk show covering current events and church-state separation with Husband and wife team Robert and Amy!

From shows and patrons to patrons reviewing our show, it’s Fenrir!
Infamous Norse wolf is a fan! By: Fenrir 04

Beer, current events, LGBTQ issues, serious topics, delightful host and a yeti? Waiting 4 wrath has it all! With a delightful cast of friends, Jenn, Aaron, Steve, (my spirit yeti) Shea, and my spirit animal big gay Jim, they make you feel like a friend. Wish I could share a beer with them in person.

Shout out for the correction/expansion to my lesson last week. I made it sound like Greek historian Herodotus was a fully credible source but as Kamil pointed out, he employed the Homeric style of history with monsters and fuck-all when it came to a scientific understanding. So, sorry if I mislead, but the excavations WERE REAL.


Dipshit Kentucky Governor Advocates For Roaming Faith Healing - http://bit.ly/2s9Y0fc

  1. KY-Gov, Matt Bevin, said in a press conference that he believes roving groups of religious folks roaming around Louisville’s troubled communities will make it all better (paraphrased).
  2. He seriously thinks that walking and praying will curb violence in KY’s most dangerous neighborhoods and he’s asking groups to commit to this for a year
  3. Rather that address the issues that actually cause the problems such as homelessness, education, and healthcare, why not just pray about it?
  4. Rev. Clay Calloway of St. Stephen Baptist, summed up the meeting pretty well, saying he needed a “barf bag”, and “He didn’t say anything of substance,” Calloway said. “He has a responsibility to produce public policy, regulation and provide resources. We don’t need a sermon or him quoting Scripture, we know the Bible and we’re already praying.”

From The What The Fuck Was You Thinking Department - Don’t Put Wasp Nests In Your Vag. - http://ind.pn/2sa3TZW

  1. Lately, there’s been another “all natural” treatment making the rounds. This one is to grind up Oak Galls, which I had never heard of, and into a paste and put it into the vagina in order to tighten it up and get rid of bad smells.
  2. Oak Galls resemble little balls growing on the underside of oak leaves which are deformities formed by wasps laying eggs in a tree’s leaf buds as a place for its larva to develop.
  3. Gynecologist, Jen Gunter, however, has some concerns, such as this can lead to painful sex, fucking with the vagina’s flora, and increased risk of contracting HIV

“It could also wreak havoc with the good bacteria. In addition to causing pain during sex it can increase the risk of HIV transmission. This is a dangerous practice with real potential to harm.”

  1. The Etsy retailer that Dr. Gunter found selling the oak galls – Heritage Health Shop – claimed that they could improve sex lives and be used on cuts with a warning that the paste will hurt.

“Here's a pro-tip, if something burns when you apply it to the vagina it is generally bad for the vagina,” Dr. Gunter added.

Florida School District To Finally Do The Right Thing - http://bit.ly/2s9O5Gj

  1. A few months ago, Chaz Stevens, noticed that Boca Raton High School had banners promoting a Jewish Temple and a local church on the fences which surround the facility.
  2. He applied to put his own advertisement beside those for the “The Church of Satanology and Perpetual Soiree.”
  3. After submitting two requests which were both ignored, he got his lawyer involved to inform that district that ignoring him could lead to a lawsuit since in a 2015 case, the district had argued that those very advertisements were a form of government speech.
  4. Since they’re government speech, then the district can’t discriminate on the basis of religion.
  5. Now, the Palm Beach County school board is considering a new proposal to ban all advertising from groups whose goals are “inconsistent with the educational mission of the School Board…”
  6. “… religious affiliated organizations; churches; organizations promoting or supporting agnostic or atheist beliefs; satanic affiliated organizations; persons seeking political office; political causes and organizations promoting or supporting political causes or controversial subjects…”
  7. “They’ve backed themselves into a corner by declaring that these banners are government speech,” said Andrew Seidel, an attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. “And because of that, they absolutely cannot promote religion, and they cannot denigrate religion. This is the logical legal outcome of their previous cases.”
  8. More from Andrew: http://AndrewLSeidel.com
  9. Chaz Stevens said, “Jesus Horatio Christ, my prayers have been answered.”

This Week’s Stories

Is that a giant bone, Mr. Ground Sloth, or are you just happy to see me?

In the lengthy tradition of finding crazy shit when doing railway construction (i.e. King Henry III under a London parking lot and Viggo the Carpathian River of Slime in NYC’s subway), I bring you a treasure trove of exciting megafauna bones found by Los Angeles METRO workers.

BBC - http://bbc.in/2s9U4Ld

LA Fox News - http://fxn.ws/2sa8FGT

Back in May workers with the Metropolitan Transportation were working 16ft below ground when they began to unearth bones that turned out not to be the buried remains of failed actors or crushed dreams. In fact, the greatest find here was a hip bone that turned out to belong to a Harlan’s Ground Sloth. This particular sloth was estimated to weigh about 1,500lbs and was about 10ft in length. Along with the hip bone was also a fossilized bison bone, making for the saddest ending in an Ice Age movie sequel yet.

The bison and sloth were estimated to roam the Los Angeles Basin between 11,000 and 40,000 yrs ago (no word from creationists how the sloth and bison explain their travels before the Earth was created). It took scientists at the La Brea Tar Pits Museum about 8 days to identify the source of the bones and expected to be moved to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles in the near future.

This same area of METRO lines has also unearthed remains of ancient camels, mastodons, and mammoths.

Fabulous Nests & Where To Find Them

Just bc we aren’t as photo-op ready as those penguins, we’re still fabulous lovebirds,” says happy gay vulture couple at the hatching of their first egg.


ABC News

Proving it’s still one of the most progressive cities in the world, an Amsterdam Zoo proudly announces the hatching of a baby griffon vulture, watched over by its mated dads.

The Dutch zoo, Artis, said in a statement Wednesday that keepers who found an egg on the floor of the vulture aviary initially put it in an incubator but later placed in a nest that the two male birds built together in the enclosure. (Because loving couples should be able to adopt, no matter the gender division.) The dads, together for years, had been mating and started building nests in January.

One zookeeper, Job van Tol said he thought it was a “pity” that they could not reproduce because they seemed “really strong couple”.

This was an experiment as zoos have never tried this with same-sex vulture couples, but decided they would give the pair a shot at parenthood.

“The zookeepers put the egg in their nest and watched in awe as the two males took turns keeping it warm. In May, Van Tol said he climbed up to the nest and was stunned. “I saw this little moving baby chick,” he said, adding that he signaled for another caretaker to come watch the young family in action. “It was a special moment. We fell into each other’s arms, which we never do. This we just couldn’t believe.”

“They did it. They hatched the egg,” he added. “For now, it’s 20 days old and it grows like crazy. They are such good parents. They do everything well. They are very protective. It’s beautiful.”

So the dads seem to very, very good vulture parents. They are splitting their duties evenly, taking turns caring for their young, foraging for food, feeding it and defending the nest. There's no guarantee of what the future holds, but Griffon vultures are monogamous animals and tend to stay in couples for years. So relationship goals brought to you by two gay vultures and them little one.

One last fun bit of science info:

More than 1,500 species of animals are known to form same-sex couples.

iBuddhist Blesses Our Patrons- http://bit.ly/2s9RZip

From listener Sarah!

At an ancient Chinese temple, Xian’er can chant mantras and answer questions about his faith via a touch-screen display! Which is just as weird as the Jesus bot from last weeks episode. Find out how it went for the Buddhists at Patreon.com/W4W!

Next Week's Beer

Daura Märzen | Damm S. A. of Spain

  1. Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2s9NbJW
  2. BA Score: 81
  3. ABV: 7.2%
  4. Style: Märzen / Oktoberfest

Faith In Humanity Restored

Wonder Woman Smashes Box Office with biggest female director Ever! -http://bit.ly/2s9Z4jj

Bonus Cat Video

Why Wonder Woman's Fight Scenes Are Moving Women To Tears -http://bayareane.ws/2s9yp61

The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time - http://bit.ly/2saabc3

Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 134 - The One Where Wonder Woman Frenches Trudeau!

June 2, 2017
In this week’s show, episode 134, we head out for more heady headlines!
Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Ares (Greek god of War and father to Amazonian Queen Hippolyta) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!
Shea’s Life Lesson
This week I learned that when you are sauteing kale you should use a bit of coconut oil, that way it won't stick to the pan when you are throwing it in the garbage.
Jenn’s Actual Lesson
Did you know that the actual existence of the fabled Amazonian warriors is still being debated? Greek historian Herodotus (sometimes called ‘the father of history’) fully believed they were a real nation. Additionally, multiple burial sites found in Eurasia dating from the 3rd-6th century BC were discovered in the mid-90s. These sites contained scores of skeletons of women, buried in armor with daggers, bows and other weaponry, many with bowed legs from long hours spent on horseback.
In case you can’t tell, I’m ready for the Wonder Woman movie.
But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Donated By: German Denis
Bavarian Dry Hop Lager - Himbrugs Braukunst Keller
  • Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2rLjD5l
  • BA Score: n/a
  • ABV: 5.3
  • Style: American Pale Lager
  • Aaron: 6
  • Jenn: 8
  • Shea: 8
  • Steve: 5

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion
iTunes review:
Cool show By jdoc333 on May 23, 2017 Rating: ★★★★★
Check it out
New patron Jesse
Voicemails from Dustin from Atheist Nomads
Voicemail from Daniel aka Mr. Biblepants
Also, thanks to Martin for sharing on Twitter, a movie based on the story of Gisette Perl ‘Out of the Ashes’
We also got an Unsolicited Dick… Van Dyke… pic to our Drunk Dial Line at (513) 760–0463, well-played mystery texter, well played.
Aaron and Jenn are recording with Cog Dis this week, so look for that. We’re not sure when the episode will air (Monday) but we’re sure it’ll be a riot.
Our first episode with Jake Farr-Wharton on his show, Imaginary Friends Show aired this week. That’s episode 402 if you’re interested. We’ll also be on next week, so enjoy.
Speaking of, if you’re new here from the iFriends show please be aware that we’re a bit of a variety show and we most certainly don’t produce a ‘clean’ show. So if you can stand the language, laugh, think, and drink along with us!
Huge thanks to James and Susan for not letting the previous death and destruction of their other beer shipment to deter them from sending us their beloved Shipyard beer. And a little friend for Shea.
We talked about West Virginia’s Mercer County Schools in episode 125, regarding their teaching an “elective” bible class to elementary and middle schoolers.
Well, the class has been suspended for a year while administrators decide whether it’s actually legal, the result of a lawsuit, from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. In the meantime, the District is still trying to dismiss FFRF’s lawsuit. There will be a hearing on that matter on June 19. Don’t worry, it’s obviously illegal...
All The Headlines!
Gator Coozy - http://bit.ly/2skkxCE
Thanks to listener Michael for sharing this story with us.
JASPER COUNTY, S.C. Two men in South Carolina are facing criminal charges for forcing beer down the throat of a young alligator, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.
the men posted a photo of the alligator chugging the beer to social media. A short time later, the SCDNR started getting calls, messages, and screenshots related to the incident.
After forcing the juvenile gator to drink the beer they released the reptile back into a pond and watched it swim away.
Joseph Andrew Floyd Jr., 20, and Zachary Lloyd Brown, 21, are facing a misdemeanor charge of harassing wildlife. The men face a maximum fine of $300.
Trump Dump Chump - http://bit.ly/2rKN1bQ
A Mexican lawyer plans to market Trump-branded toilet paper in that country and use the proceeds to benefit deportees
Mexico City-based attorney Antonio Battaglia said he was spurred to action after Trump's assertions during the presidential campaigns that certain Mexicans are "bad hombres." “I was very annoyed, and I started looking for a way to do something that had an impact, not in a tone of mockery or bad revenge, but in a positive way,”
Battaglia has developed a prototype featuring a plucky little cartoon character shaped like a toilet roll and plans to produce the TP by the end of the year, distributing it to grocery stores and donating 30% of proceeds to deportee aid groups.
Early reviews call it abrasive and claim it doesn't get the job done...
Dr. Hammy, PorkhD - http://bit.ly/2skeqhE

Well it isn't PhD in make boats float, that's for sure! http://patreon.com/w4w 

Gadots of Salty Man Tears - http://bit.ly/2skaX2L
Alamo Drafthouse is the best, most awesome theater chain in the galaxy. And some men are teeny-tiny-whiny babies.
Women's Only WW Showing, Some Men Explode
Second sexiest world leader nearly pulverizes Pres Tangerine’s tiny orange paw and completely, fully admits to it.
Marcon's Man Hands! - http://bit.ly/2skzkgD
What can they touch? Why http://patreon.com/w4w of course!
Preacher Bot 9000 - http://bit.ly/2rL4d0J
Technology is again challenging religious tradition in the small German town of Wittenberg.
A robot priest that delivers blessings in five languages and beams light from its hands has been unveiled as part of an exhibition to mark the anniversary of the start of the Reformation
the robot, called BlessU-2, is intended to trigger debate about the future of the church and the potential of artificial intelligence.
“We wanted people to consider if it is possible to be blessed by a machine, or if a human being is needed,”
Stephan Krebs of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau
The robot has a touchscreen chest, two arms, and a head. For the past 10 days, it has offered blessings in a choice of German, English, French, Spanish or Polish. Worshippers can choose between a male or female voice.
The robot raises its arms, flashes lights, recites a biblical verse and says: “God bless and protect you.” If requested, it will provide a printout of its words. A backup robot is available in case of breakdown.
“The idea is to provoke debate,” said Krebs. “People from the street are curious, amused and interested. They are really taken with it and are very positive. But inside the church, some people think we want to replace human pastors with machines. Those that are church-oriented are more critical.”
Don't farCry for me Montana... - http://bit.ly/2skijDo
The “mentally ill” vs. “zealous terrorist” argument has finally made it big time — to video games that is.
Ignoring 40 some years of violent video games from Custer's Revenge to God of War’s giggle cutscenes it looks like we’ve finally found the line — you can’t shoot back at alt-right Christian militia cults, even if they’re full-on homegrown terrorists.
The first promo video for Ubisoft Montreal's fifth edition of Far Cry dropped this week and it’s more beautiful than ever.
Montana isn’t another exotic island (Far Cry, Far Cry 3, Far Cry Instincts) or an African savannah (Far Cry 2), and its gun-toting Christian cult leader isn’t another Bhutanese warlord (Far Cry 4). For the first time, Far Cry — which appeals plentifully (but not exclusively) to gun-obsessed males — appears eager to challenge its audience with a disturbing reflection of extremism in America.
Apparently, that’s a bridge too far…
There’s now a Change.org petition calling for Ubisoft to alter or cancel this “Anti-American” game.
It calls an “an insult to [Ubisoft’s] fanbase.” It asks for the villains to be more multi-ethnic (if not outright making them minorities) — or to be misunderstood heroes, because to leave them as antagonistic, religious Americans is “unrealistic.”
The villains shown so far are a religious/nationalist cult — who consider themselves misunderstood heroes — who’ve trampled all over innocent locals. Not unlike, the Rakyat warriors from FC3 and Pagan Min’s army from FC4. This is all business as usual for Far Cry — with the sole exception of nationality.
Nebraska is Terrible - http://bit.ly/2rLaGsQ
Republican congressman won’t say if all Americans are entitled to eat, but you can chow down on the story at http://patreon.com/w4w 
Dog Art & Assholes - http://bit.ly/2skbd1X
Urinating dog joins Fearless Girl and Charging Bull in New York statue row

Next Week's Beer

Bruce Banner APA - Lost Cabin Beer Co. - Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Provided by Steve
  • Ba Link: http://bit.ly/2rL1a95
  • BA Score: n/a
  • ABV: 5.6%
  • Style: American Pale Ale (APA)

Faith In Humanity Restored

Italy, Citing Rise of “Anti-Scientific Theories,” Makes 12 Vaccines Mandatory for Students - http://bit.ly/2rKSe3A
Parents who choose not to vaccinate can enroll their kids in private schools or homeschool them. The rest of the country can stay safe.

Bonus Cat Video

Don't Talk Durning Movies PSA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L3eeC2lJZs

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