Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 103 - The One Where We Give You Nightmares

October 28, 2016

In this week’s show, we visit the Dyatlov Pass to find out why Australian nurses are giving a possessed woman cum vaccines.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Heratee (Greek goddess of witches and ghosts) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

God" is the best Halloween costume for people that don't want to go to a party.

People will be able to claim that you were…guest. And the burden of proof isn't even relevant. Especially for you cause God doesn't proof his own existence as a habit and no one can call you

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know that Halloween falls on October 31st because that is the end of the Celtic calendar? It originated as a pagan holiday to celebrate the dead.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Red Swingline IPA Primitif | Trinity Brewery

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2dm0AHQ
  • BA Rating: 92
  • Style: American Wild Ale
  • ABV: 4.1%
  • Aaron: 4
  • Jenn: 1
  • Shea: 7
  • Steve: 1

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

We need to apologize to Papa Murphy - Whose pizza we love. We did not have Jenn here to ground us in reality, and we got carried away making fun of the wrong person. It’s the owner of Papa Johns who is an amazing cunt.

Also - we know, now, that Johnson isn’t Trump’s running mate… he’s the other vote-hole who believes in superstitious woo-woo bullshit. But hey, legalize it right? Because if we can’t get stoned the lizard overlords win…

Followup from Episode 50 - http://bit.ly/2dNi4ND
Lucas Leonard was beaten to death and his brother Christopher was badly injured at Word of Life Christian Church. Now the pastor of the church, Tiffanie Irwin, her brother, Joseph Irwin, and mother-and-son church members Linda and David Morey finally have been convicted in the attack.

Followup from Episode 90 - http://bit.ly/2dNjk3c
American Atheists drop a federal lawsuit against Kansas City after the council passed an ordinance repealing funding of $65,000 to Modest Miles Ministry for National Baptist Convention.

No new iTunes reviews or new patrons… what the hell people!

We got a voicemail from a friend of the show Chad!

Apparently he did tell Shea what was up with those beers, but apparently, Shea was too busy shoving beer up his ass to take notes… (which would be the best way to consume that last beer from Chad)


Australia Cracks Down On The Spread Of Anti-Vax Bullshit - http://bit.ly/2dNhuPN

  • In response to a small number of midwives and nurses spreading anti-vax horseshit on social media, their certifying board in Australia released vaccination standards
  • “The board expects all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions.”
  • Further, they urge people to report nurses or midwives who promote anti-vax.
  • Promoting false, misleading or deceptive information is an offense under national law and is prosecutable by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.
  • The AMA president, Dr. Michael Gannon, said since the introduction of the government’s No Jab No Pay policy, 6,000 children whose parents were previously registered as conscientious objectors to vaccination were now fully immunized.

Cooking With Cum Class Could Come To London - http://bit.ly/2dNebZe

  • Feeling the urge to try something new, or just in a new way? If organizers can get 30 participants, they will hold a class in cooking with semen.
  • Participants are asked to bring their own fluids (approx. 5 teaspoons) from partners or selves (though presumably they won’t be allowed to express the necessary ingredient on the spot).
  • Sex educator Alix Fox said: “While the idea of bringing cum into the kitchen will doubtless appall many people, some individuals find the idea of consuming such an intimate substance an incredible turn-on.”
  • “I guess when you consider that humans regularly consume eggs, which are essentially the product of a chicken menstruating, eating a partner’s semen doesn’t seem quite so round the twist.”

Evil Spirits Refuse Requests To Leave Woman - http://bit.ly/2dNiLXp

  • During the annual celebration of Saint Paraskeva in Romania, an obviously distressed, screaming woman was being taken by police to an ambulance
  • A toothless old hag got in the way and told them to take her to the holy relics instead… and they fucking did!
  • When they got to the relics, the bitch forcibly struck the woman’s head into the glass coffin holding the “relic” while the police held her in place.
  • A priest appears saying, “don’t let her go” and the woman screamed, “I’m not getting out!”
  • After the woman in distress fainted, the old woman said that modern medicine would not be needed.
  • No word on what was actually wrong with the woman or how she’s doing.

This Week’s Stories

Shea’s Super Fucked Up Story

Patreon Exclusive! Sorry, it was a time constraint kinda thing but I don't mind saying that this story alone is worth a buck, iTunes review, e-mail or voicemail. Fer real!

Vampires ate my underwear… http://bit.ly/2dNgCuB
Buy the video here http://bit.ly/2dNhXlb

Patreon story

‘Child Terrorist’ Halloween Costume Offends Customers, Draws Flak For Its Camouflaged Dress - http://bit.ly/2dNi93N

Second Half

Dyatlov Pass. Hold on to your butts.

Who did it? Was it Shea’s relations, UFO’s or the USSR testing their new anti-freedom ray!?

If you think you know the answer, send us an email at podast@waiting4wrath.com or leave a voicemail at (513) 760–0463 or by clicking on the SpeakPipe button on our website or Facebook pages. Inquiring minds want to know… then drink until they’ve forgotten everything about that horrible death mountain.

  • http://bit.ly/2dNgStM
  • http://bit.ly/2egEeUJ
  • http://bit.ly/2dNi2VP

While most of our topics involve skepticism of religion, in honor of Halloween, let’s talk paranormal.

Next Week’s Beer

Prusik Pilsner | Powderhaus Brewing Company

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2dNexix42750/198856/
  • BA Rating: – Style: German Pilsner ABV: 4.9%

Faith In Humanity Restored

  • Kind Woman Pays $120 To Help Homeless Man Get His Dog Back From Pound (Adorable video!)- http://bit.ly/2egzrmj
  • Woman Who Owned Dr Pepper Twitter Handle Bribes Company In Best Deal Ever - http://huff.to/2dNegvN

Tell her how awesome she is at @heyadiana

Bonus Cat Video

  • Tearing Down Censorship on Devour.com - http://bit.ly/2egBBCh
  • Your Ballot Explained on Devour.com - http://bit.ly/2dNcLO2
  • Spider-Man Re-Animate on Devour.com - http://bit.ly/2egxdmU

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Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 102 - The Bad Birthday Episode

October 21, 2016

In This Week’s Show Satan makes India’s starve posters drink bad beer because of reasons…

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Anonzi hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying their patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned it's difficult to say what my wife does- She sells seashells by the seashore.

Also for our German listeners, today’s show is brought to you by the word Verschlimmbessern (ver-schlimm-bes-sern); trying to make something better but having it all go worse…

Jim’s Good Gay News

Dolly is telling Christians to be more loving.
“We are who we are,” Parton said.
“If you’re gay, you’re gay. If you’re straight, you’re straight. And you should be allowed to be how you are and who you are.”

Well, technically she told Larry King in case you want to watch her say it. http://bit.ly/2dZOtyg

I was going to mention that Shepard Smith is gay. But that’s not really gay news, is it? “Officially!”

And I’m Steve and before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Chubna | Oskar Blues Grill & Brew

Provided by: Chad

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2davrat
  • BA Rating: No rating
  • Style: American Strong Ale
  • ABV: 12.6%
  • Aaron: 1
  • Jim: 3
  • Shea: 4
  • Steve: 2

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Today we deliver Jim’s great mug, from William the Greatest!

This week's show is down a host, Jenn is missing this week because of acute iTunes starvation… Luckily Joesen1 is doing his part:

Heaven Forbid Jenn Be Out of the Studio!! 

By: Joesen1 (United States)

Fun and irreverent. It didn’t take long for me to start to love the hosts of this podcast (discovery via Atheism 101). I appreciate the humorous beer reviews, and sarcastic/facetious banter that takes places at each other’s expense (not to mention the expense of those in the actual crosshairs). A tip o’ the drink to the hosts, and faith in humanity restored.

We also got some new patrons this week! Thanks so much for all your donations and help!

  • Janet
  • Murphy
  • & Beer club member Rebeka

And in a nod to uber patreon Brent! Shea’s drinking a Fosters - it’s Canastrailain for water.


Indian Atheist Conference Canceled - http://bit.ly/2dZPczc

  • Swami Balendu, a former Hindu preacher and now atheist activist, had planned to hold a two-day conference
  • Event now canceled after violence and complaints from local superstitious leaders
  • Despite complaints, police did not stop the conference
  • Protestors took matters into their own hands, shouting slogans, throwing rocks, and burning an effigy of Balendu

Pedophile Running For Catholic School Board - http://bit.ly/2dZQtXn

  • Saskatoon Catholic school has an opening on their board, and Denis Robert Hall would like to fill it
  • Hall spent 18 months in prison for fucking two girls 14, 16 in 1981
  • Despite conviction, Hall qualified to be a candidate for the opening
  • Catholic, Canadian of legal age, lived in the school division for 3 months and Saskatchewan for 6 months
  • The acting administrator of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, Father Kevin McGee, said, “I have the reason for serious concern that Denis is not suited for this position.”

Christians terrorists scare me a lot more than Muslims http://bit.ly/2dZOceL

  • Three Kansans, Curtis Allen , 49; Gavin Wright, 49; and Patrick Stein, 47; were arrested in Liberal, KS and charged with one count of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction.
  • The fuckers who called themselves The Crusaders, are associated with a militia group calling itself the Kansas Security Force
  • According to an FBI agent’s affidavit, the three Christian extremists espoused “sovereign citizen, anti-government, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant beliefs.”
  • The three conspired to set off a bomb where about 120 people, including many Somalis, live, in an apartment complex in Garden City, KS.

This Week’s Stories

Aaron’s Story

From our Walking the walk file…

Pastor dies after fasting for 30 days, he wanted to break the record of Jesus - http://bit.ly/2dj8PEK

  • Alfred Ndlovu, a pastor from South Africa has died of malnutrition after going without food for 30 days when he tried to emulate Jesus Christ and fast for 40 days and 40 nights.
  • Alfred Ndlovu, 44 left home on 17 June and headed into the bush to conduct prayers
  • his family and community at large as a very spiritual person whose faith could move mountains and his death has puzzled those close to him and church members.
  • “Pastor was a healthy and religious old man who did not even look his age.”

Shea’s Story 

The Devil is here in America!!!!!

A la headlines!

Texas Church Says Craft Beer Is The Devil - http://bit.ly/2dlZiMX

  • A Texas church in the town of Canyon decided to double down on their message of temperance, publishing an ad in The Canyon News calling craft beer “the Devil’s Craft,” urging sobriety and including a verse from the Bible purporting the notion that Jesus was an early prohibitionist.
  • Though JC was known to turn water into wine, the Anchor of Hope Baptist Church asserted he drank the “fruit of the vine” aka “Grape Juice.”

White House Needs An Exorcism After Gay Demon Infestation - http://bit.ly/2dZQmuN

  • At the White House’s Bisexual Community Briefing that took place on Sept. 26 to honor “Bisexual Awareness Week,” one of the speakers called upon a Native American deity to look over the presentation, which was recorded by the White House website. A homosexual culture is a culture of demon possession. Has the White House turned into a haunt of demons? (From Barbwire.com)
  • The first step for a “visitation” of such spirits is invocation — which was made at the White House. Homosexual spirits heard. Their presence is in the place where they were invoked, until their expelling, which can be done only by people who know and use the authority of Jesus’ name.
  • Obama and Hillary smell of sulfur…

Radio host and Donald Trump supporter Alex Jones doesn’t need to tell Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama to go to Hell. He believes they already reside there. - http://bit.ly/2dm1zbf

  • On Monday, Jones, host of his eponymous show on the Genesis Communications Network, said the two were literally the devil, Media Matters reports. He called Clinton a “psychopathic demon.”
  • “I’m sure of that, and people around her say she’s so dark now, and so evil, and so possessed that they are having nightmares, they’re freaking out,” Jones ranted. He claimed that both Clinton and Obama smell of evil and sulfur, attracting flies when no one else does.

Patreon Story

The Snake Pastor Is At It Again! - This time, in the butt! - http://bit.ly/2dZO5j2

  • The controversial founder of End Times Disciples Ministries Penuel Mnguni
  • boldly claimed to have transformed a “straight man to become gay” during the weekend… As revealed by a post on the church’s Facebook page
  • “As the man of God was ministering, he commanded the spirit of a homosexual to enter a certain young man and he became gay (homosexual).
  • “The young man began to walk, make gestures and speak as a gay person.”
  • After the transition from straight to gay, Penuel Mnguni commanded the spirit out of the man and he became normal again oblivious of what transpired.
  • “… Through the power of God, he (the man) went back to his normal being. He was unaware of every action he made while the homosexuality spirit had entered him,” the church said.
  • Mlungisi Dash Ncube seemed to be a fan of his works as deduced from the comment: “Glory to God … I don’t support, but I worship the God in him [Mnguni], I’m not walking in flesh, I’m a spirit being, I’m not going to die, but I’m living.”

But wait, there’s more!

  • Another Facebook post saw Mnguni ordering two followers to “fall into a deep sleep.” After falling into a deep slumber, he beat them with a walking stick and commanded them to wake up. He then asked if they felt any pain from the beating and their reply was in the negative.

And when Mnguni cools off from his beatings, he really cools off!

  • Now, he’s up with freezing Members for 30 minutes.
  • South Africa’s Cultural, Religious and Linguistics (CRL) Rights Commission got him to explain why he made South Africans eat snakes and rats.
  • The pastor argued that “there’s what we call demonstration of God’s power in proving that God has sent you. That’s why no one died after eating the snakes. The ate it and it tastes like chocolate…”
  • He commanded a man to step inside a deep refrigerator and sleep deeply. The refrigerator was reportedly “switched on and very cold”. Penuel then closed the deep refrigerator for thirty minutes without opening it.
  • Thereafter, the ‘Holy Spirit’ led Prophet Penuel to command another young lady into the deep refrigerator that was on a high freezing point.
  • “He commanded her to fall into a deep sleep. The man of God then closed the deep refrigerator for more than thirty minutes.
  • After thirty minutes he opened the refrigerator and commanded the young lady to wake up, and he asked the lady who had ice on her body what was happening.
  • She said the deep refrigerator was very hot and she didn’t feel any coldness of the ice,” related the End Times Disciple Ministries.

Next Week’s Beer

Red Swingline IPA Primitif | Trinity Brewery

Faith In Humanity Restored

NC Writers Buy Clever Full-Page Ad Celebrating Gov. Pat McCrory’s Birthday (and Eventual Defeat) - http://bit.ly/2dj7zkP

Bonus Cat Video

  • Marvel’s Iron Fist - http://bit.ly/2dZO7rf
  • De Niro: I’d Like to Punch Trump In the Face - http://bit.ly/2dm0TCL
  • How-To: Make the World’s Best Sandwich with Action Bronson - http://bit.ly/2dZOiTA

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Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 101 - The Beginners Guide to Skepticism, Politics & Pissing Off Listeners

October 14, 2016

In This Week’s Show Aaron starts off the next hundred episodes strong by forgetting to write a boilerplate…

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while The Great A’Tuin hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying their patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

Porn sites should enable sorting by the number of people who left the website after watching the video.

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

It’s episode 101 and in honor of that and our esteemed guests from Atheism 101, did you know that both Matt and Tim have books of the New Testament named after them?

Tim’s Tidbit

And I’m Tim, and I’m really hoping we are actually seeing the fall of Drumph, cause if grabbing someone by the pussy is acceptable for the commander and chief I may have to move Canada. Aaron, do you know anyone who can help with that? Some sort of underground maple syrup highway?

Matt’s Moment

And I’m Matt, hi everyone, oops sorry for that last comment. Just don’t want to offend anyone. Also, Tim its Underground Railroad, not "highway." I want to make sure everyone is clear on what you meant there.. cause excuse my throat monster there. What was I talking about??

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Peanut Butter Porter | Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.

Donated By: Chad

  • BA Link:
  • BA Rating:
  • Style:
  • ABV:
  • Aaron: -
  • Jenn: -
  • Shea: -
  • Steve: -
  • Tim’s Beer - 8.5 -

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Foundation Beyond Belief is Raising Funds to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims - http://bit.ly/2datB9u

Donate here: http://bit.ly/2dNXgDr

Congratulations to friend of the show and brewer Ben!
You might remember him from the first homemade beer we reviewed, and the first beer we all gave a perfect score! Looks like he just won't First Place for his IPA This is NOT Puzzle In A Thunderstorm IPA! That’s pretty awesome, keep up the great work!


We have two new patrons to thank this week.

Of course, we want to thank all of our patrons, but this week most awesomest people… And also a podcast… Are:

  • Claude Savagely (maybe the best pseudonym ever)
  • Secular Yakking (?)
  • Ed The magical awesome horse!

Holy Mugs of Brew Batman!

William the Great - but like, really great, not the British nutter - sent us an amazing gift for our 100th episode! He sent us some amazing mugs with our names on them! They’re fucking amazing, thank you so much!


Shea went the Great American Brew Fest!

And he brought back a beer!

And he bought be a ring… aww, I’mma make a great wife one… wait a minute…

This is our 101st episode — we’re gonna get as much outta this +100 as we can folks — and we’re not above a bit of numerology, so we’ve got special guests Matt & Tim from Atheism 101. You might remember them from such guest appearances as Episode 33 when Tim talked about that thing, or Episode 44 when Matt made that killer joke, or Episode 91 when we made them visibly upset by drinking too much and fucking off while they tried to edumacate us… Ahhh high school… [cough] Guys, great to have you!

Basic Bitch - Something Brewing

Donated By: Shea

  • BA Link:
  • BA Rating:
  • Style:
  • ABV: 6.4%
  • Aaron: 2
  • Jenn: 4
  • Shea: 6
  • Steve: 2

Secular Yakking

  • http://secularyakking.podbean.com
  • https://twitter.com/secularyakking

Atheism 101 with Matt & Tim

  • http://atheism101podcast.com
  • http://twitter.com/@atheism101pod


The Elvis’s love beer - http://bit.ly/2dat5Z0

  • BrewDog Brewery in Ellon, Scotland was ordered to change the name of their grapefruit IPA.
  • The ale, called Elvis IPA, came to the attention of the Elvis Presley estate who ordered them to change the name of it
  • The owners, who are pretty well known in Great Britain, James Watt and Mark Dickie, responded by both changing their first names to … Elvis.
  • James said: “We’re caught in a trap and suggest the grey-suited hound dogs at the Presley Estate recognize that the name Elvis is not exclusive. So in an effort to patch it up, we’ve changed our names to highlight our burning love for the best grapefruit IPA out there.
  • “From this point forward, Elvis Juice is named after us, the brewers formerly known as James and Martin. We may even file a case against Mr. Presley for using our names on all his records without our written permission.”
  • Mark added: “We would like to recommend that the Presley Estate diverts its attention to another potential source of quick remuneration, a brewery that calls itself ‘The King’ of beer.”

Skeptical Patreon Headline: We talked recently about how it’s a terrible idea to attempt to raise a very small child as a vegan. Well, we have here a story about the consequences. - http://cbsloc.al/2davlQ9

  • Elizabeth Hawk of Fayette County, Pennsylvania is facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child for starving and failing to treat her 11-month old son.
  • Hawk, who follows a strict vegan diet and who sometimes imposed her extreme views on family members was feeding the boy only fruit and nuts, and not enough of that.
  • The boy was taken by his father, Clay, (who is estranged from Elizabeth) to a hospital when his sister-in-law found the boy had a severe rash that the mother blamed on allergies.
  • The physician who examined the boy said not treating the rash was inhumane and the child was at a failure to thrive level due to malnourishment leaving him developmentally delayed.
  • The boy is now living with his father and doing “great”, but the results of the developmental delay may not be known for years.

Thousands of people protesting can make a difference - http://bit.ly/2dawEyc

  • Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party had backed a bill which would have imposed a blanket ban on abortion
  • The bill was brought before parliament by a citizen’s initiative which received at least the 100K signatures
  • The prime minister, Beata Szydlo, and the PiS leader had supported the proposals
  • About 30K people boycotted work and classes last Monday to protest against the proposals
  • Poland still has extremely strict laws regarding abortion which allow it only in cases of rape, incest, severe fetal abnormalities or risk to the mother’s life.

This Week’s Stories

Patreon Story

5 Random Gods Quiz!

Second Half

Jenn’s PSA

I realize by the time this airs that something else godawful will have come out of Trump’s gaping maw, but I want to quickly address the latest, ‘grabbing by the pussy’ recordings and the apologists that have crawled out of the woodwork. To any and everyone who is using Bill Clinton’s affairs as an excuse to Trumps atrocious treatment of women: consent is a thing and he isn’t running for President. And my favorite meme, that the women who eagerly read 50 Shades of Grey are now upset at Trump’s use of “naughty words” …grrr… if you seriously think that it’s the use of the word ‘pussy’ that we are so upset about, just go ahead and vote for Trump. You are too fucking stupid to talk at.

Next Week’s Beer 

Chubna | Oskar Blues Grill & Brew

Provided by: Chad

Faith In Humanity Restored

  • Cops Attend ‘Take Your Dad To School’ Event For Boy Whose Father Died - http://bit.ly/2dE4ucQ
  • A 44-year-old British man may be the first person ever to be cured of HIV - http://bit.ly/2datpHq 

Bonus Cat Video

  • Bill Maher Monologue - http://bit.ly/2dauizr
  • Robert De Niro on Trump: “I’d like to punch him in the face” - http://bit.ly/2daur6e
  • Christian mom infuriated, tearful after hearing Hip Hop song, which she then recites in full (Update: remixes!) - http://bit.ly/2datieK

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Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 100 - The One Where We Reach Syndication!

October 7, 2016

In this week’s show, we celebrate our 100th episode with Big Gay Jim, too many beers and you, our dear listeners, who for some reason, still listen to our crazed ramblings!

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Ma-hab-har-ata hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson
This week I learned that if you take away his money, Donald Trump is that guy on the train that you avoid because he’s yelling out crazy shit with his dick in his hands. 

Jenn’s Actual Lesson
Did you know that there are 100 blasts of the Shofar (a ceremonial ram’s horn trumpet) heard in the service of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year.

Jim’s Good gay news
Edie Windsor, the lesbian widow who brought the lawsuit that gutted the Defense of Marriage Act, making federal government recognition of same-sex marriages possible, has gotten married again. She’s 87 and fabulous!

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Aunt Sally | Lagunitas Brewing Company

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2dhKOeH
  • BA Rating: 86
  • Style: American Wild Ale
  • ABV: 5.7%
  • Aaron: 7
  • Jenn: 2
  • Jim: 1
  • Shea: 7
  • Steve: 3

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

We did it! We made it to 100 shows! Take that Shea, laughing at me for using 3 digit show identifiers — whose overly optimistic and nuts now huh!

So this is our 100th show! I think that deserves a round of self-congratulatory applause… And a shot!

Now on to the fun stuff!


Good thing it’s a longer show today because we have all the patrons to thank!... No, but seriously, to all our patrons whose generosity has helped us reach syndication, we couldn’t have done it without you. But less seriously, we have all the patrons to thank:

  • Elisabet is a new patron, which is awesome
  • CthulhuTheOctopusGod got his tentacles on longer shows…
  • And Samantha is our newest Beer Club Member!

We also got some voice mails, clips, and texts from our awesome listeners and other great shows. We actually got more than we thought we would so we’ll be sprinkling them throughout the show, but let’s start with…

iTunes Reviews!

We’re really fortunate. It’s our 100th show and our Round Table over-flowithsssszzzss with listener feedback. Not only do we get to talk about patrons, amazon, voicemails and well wishes, we got some iTunes reviews too!

Happy 100th episode!

By: RebelOx (United States)

One of the best podcasts out there! A perfect mixture of beer, religion, news and comedy! Every week we look foward to the show. They really make you wish you lived in Wyoming and could hang out with them as friends. (but…..Wyoming is just too darn cold!)

More fun than an open casket funeral

By: hushpupsmom (United States)

Love the podcast !! More Big Gay Steve !

Thank you!

We are constantly amazed by how fantastic our fans are. Podcasting is still kind of a niche medium, and atheist podcasting even more so. Despite that we’ve had all the feedback, support and supporters that a show could ask for. Really, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Voicemail links

Atheism 101 with Matt & Tim

Atheist Apocalypse

Atheist Nomads

Literally A Podcast


Anti-Vax changes her mindhttp://abcn.ws/2dyxx1w

  • Kristen O’Meara was an anti-vaxxer who chose not to vaccinate her daughters
  • Her three children (all under 7 years) were stricken with rotavirus which causes acute stomach distress (diarrhea)
  • She and her husband also fell ill to the same thing (I’m sure this created a very special bonding in the family)
  • Kristen learned the error of her ways and now her kids are all fully vaccinated.
  • This issue isn’t going away either, In 2013, 87 percent of pediatricians surveyed had encountered patients who refused a vaccine for their child, up from 75 percent in 2006, according to their research

Judgey McAssholerson, suspended for the remainder of his termhttp://bit.ly/2dyxfHQ

  • Monumental bigot (see what I did there?), judge Roy Moore“…has been sanctioned yet again by the state’s Court of the Judiciary
  • Ordered today that Moore is suspended without pay for the remainder of his term in office, this time for defying federal court decisions on marriage equality.”
  • The ruling is a refutation of Moore’s attempts to justify his efforts to stop marriage equality from taking effect in Alabama
  • He ordered state probate judges to defy the Obergefell and not issue same-sex marriage licenses

Utah Senate candidate shoves his bigotry into the face of grieving family http://bit.ly/2dywYVw

  • Jason Christensen, independent candidate for Utah Senate District 16
  • This fucker posted on a facebook thread after a gay teen committed suicide

“Yes this is sad, hopefully God will have mercy on both sins that this boy committed. The sins of homosexuality and the sins of murder(sic)"

“Read the scriptures, stop denying the scriptures,” another post stated. “I do feel bad for him and his sins. But one must recognize what’s(sic) sins and what is not sin. One must live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not the Gospel of the Devil.”

  • Friday, Christensen said he is apologizing for those remarks.

I apologize for that, and I hope with my love and asking for apology, I hope the family can accept my apology,” he told Fox 13 News.

Literally a Podcast’s awesome Fairy Tale: http://bit.ly/2dyx3IO

This Week’s Stories

Shea’s Lessons

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  • This week I learned that Florida is the only place on earth you can be eaten by an alligator, a shark, a crocodile, or a dude. 
  • I learned that when two people kiss they create a really long tube with assholes on both ends.
  • Door to door missionaries are like real world pop up adds, good thing I have add blocker pro, or as I like to call him, Mr. flamethrower
  • What do you call a person who has poor hearing?
  • Why can’t a nose be 12 inches long?

Shea’s Happy Story

Women created Autism 101 class for law enforcement - http://bit.ly/2dywsqk

Aaron’s First Story

Women should undergo virginity tests before enrolling at universities – http://bit.ly/2dywBdy

  • All women attempting to enter a university should be forced to undergo a virginity test, the results of which would be submitted to their parents, an Egyptian MP has urged.
  • The lawmaker, Elhamy Agina

Any girl who enters university, we have to check her medical examination to prove that she is a Miss (a term often used to refer to virgins in Egyptian culture),” Agina told Youm7 newspaper.

“Therefore, each girl must present an official document upon being admitted to university stating she’s a Miss,” he explained.

“No one should be upset by this decision. If you’re upset then that means you’re scared that your daughter is in an ‘urfi’ marriage behind your back,” Agina said. - The politician was later forced to back down from his statements, claiming that he was misinterpreted and was only making suggestions.

“I did not make a demand, I made a suggestion. There’s a big difference between a demand and a suggestion,” Agina said, adding that “people have been attacking me since yesterday and they’re upset and such.”

Jenn’s Story

Wonder Wonder writer confirms character is bisexual. Considering the lack of penises on Themyscira, I don’t think this is exactly news - http://bit.ly/2dyzb2Y

Aaron’s Second Story

Don’t be a woman in India - http://bit.ly/2dyzcny

  • A pregnant woman in India was almost set on fire by her husband’s family after a soothsayer predicted that she would carry a girl, not a boy, local media reported.
  • The incident took place in the village of Muthukur, Andhra Pradesh state, southeastern India, the Hans India newspaper reported. Though the case happened on August 20, it has appeared in Indian media only recently.
  • The woman, identified as Girija, married a man named Tandra Srinivasulu two years ago. The couple already has one daughter.
  • The woman’s in-laws demanded she have an abortion, but she did not agree.
  • “After Girija refused, her mother-in-laws attempted to set Girija on fire by pouring kerosene on her stomach while she was sleeping,” police sources told News18.com outlet.
  • The Hans India daily also reports there was some acid mixed with the kerosene. Neighbors heard the cries and called an ambulance. The woman was admitted to a private hospital.

A charity that tragically has to exist, check them out: http://www.acidviolence.org

Patreon Story

7 dating tips for Mormon women, helpfully mansplained for you - http://bit.ly/2dywG0I

Jim’s Story

This North Carolina sheriff compared transgender kids to lice infestation - http://bit.ly/2dyzivq

“I’m thinking about pulling my school resource officers out of those schools,”

“If we can’t have a better relationship, if they can’t work with us, I don’t know how we can work with them.”

  • Sheriff Donnie Harrison of Wake County, N.C.
  • The result of a standoff with school administrators, who he accuses of not adequately defining the district’s policy on transgender children.
  • The sheriff implied in an email that the policy regarding infectious diseases, such as head lice, should be applied to transgender students
  • Claims no connection to HB 2
  • Harrison is upset that whatever policy does exist is not consistent across the Wake County school system.
  • Outraged that one principal allowed a transgender girl to use the girls’ bathroom

“She had allowed this person, male that is transgender, going to be a female, to go in there as long as he did not take off his underwear,”

“The concern I have is the parents of ‘ALL’ the students and SRO’s should know the policies of the school and school board. Then the parent has a say whether they want their child in the dress out room or not with a transgender student. If my SRO’s know then there is no confusion. The school sends out messages if a child has head lice so parents can make their own decisions as to what to do with the child, so why not allow them to make the decision on whether their child should be in the dress out room or as well.”

Next Week’s Beer

Peanut Butter Porter | Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.

  • Provided by Chad
  • BA Link:
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  • Style: Ale Brewed with Peanuts
  • ABV:

Faith In Humanity Restored

US boy offers home to Syrian refugee in letter to Obama - http://bbc.in/2dyxL8Z

A letter and video from a six-year-old US boy offering a place in his family to a Syrian refugee whose photo shocked the world goes viral.

8-year-old notices friend was denied a hot lunch due to lack of money, buys lunch for 295 kids - http://bit.ly/2dywU84

Coming Soon: Golden Girls Action Figures - http://bit.ly/2dyyerM

Bonus Cat Video

  • Making Chinese Suomian Noodles - http://bit.ly/2dyykPV
  • The Real Wasabi - http://bit.ly/2dyxUZU
  • Doctor Strange - http://bit.ly/2dyGr1S

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