Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 090 - The One Where We Capture A Wild Fucktogive

July 29, 2016

In this week’s show everyone sues the pokemon demons over satins shitty commandments...

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Bes: god of music, dance, and sexual pleasure; hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned I can't juggle, but it's not that I don't know how, its that I don't have the balls to do it... Also I don't trust stairs, they're always up to something...

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Didd you knowa statue of Jesus in India had water mysteriously dripping from its toes. Worshipers would collect and sometimes drink it. The source of the water was later found to be a clogged toilet near the statue

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Evil Twin Justin Blåbær - Evil Twin Brewery
Donated By: The Yeti

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/2ag44I1
  • BA Rating: 88
  • Style: Berliner Weissbier
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Aaron: 7
  • Jenn: 1
  • Shea: 6
  • Steve: 2

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

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iTunes Reviews

Number 3
Oakbox (Netherlands)
As an avid listener to Scathing Atheist and Cognitive Dissonance, I was so happy to find Waiting 4 Wrath. There is now a third insightful, skeptical thinking podcasting that makes me laugh my ass off.

Beer and Blasphemy
SingleM4lt (Sweden)

Hilarious atheist/Septic podcast from some imaginary place called Wyoming. NSFW and with a healthy dose of blasphemy. And yeah, they have beer.

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Moment of silence for the VCR which after this year will be retired...

And a real moment of silence for the victims of the shootings in Munich (where T-boogs lives).

We're on Atheism 101 with Matt and Tim this week!

We're gonna do a few headlines, give them a quiz, review a beer... you know, generally fuck up their show as much as they'll let us...
Next week we'll be having them on to talk about the actual information behind our quiz on their show.
So if you want some extra wrath this week, check out Atheism 101.
If you're a fan of Atheism 101, first of all; welcome to our show! They'll be on next week and setting us straight should be a real eye opener and, with a little luck, a laugh riot. Make sure you join us!

Headlines-All lawsuits this week

Rape Victim Who Was Locked Up For A Month Sues Prosecutor And Sheriff's Dept http://bit.ly/2awIXEC

  • “Jenny”, 20 yo, was a key witness in trial of Keith Hendricks
  • Dec. 8 2015, she broke down on the witness stand and couldn't finish her testimony
  • Unbelievable bag of shit, Prosecutor Nicholas Socias, had her taken into custody and locked up fearing that she wouldn't return to court to complete the testimony
  • Jenny was held for nearly a month, in gen pop, and was assaulted, as well as being treated as a convict by jailers
  • Jenny and her family are suing Harris County, Sheriff Ron Hickman, Taylor Adam — the jail guard she allegedly hit while in jail — and prosecutor Socias.

Ky Governor, Cunt-Bag Mcgee (Matt Bevin) Is Cool With Church-Run Foster Care Programs Proselytizing To Childrenhttp://bit.ly/2ayBMJ7

  • 1998, Alicia Pedreira was fired from Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children for being a lesbian
  • Might have been legal except that $13 mil of $19 mil budget from KY taxpayers
  • During this process it came out that they were also proselytizing to the children in their care
  • After years in the legal system, they came to a reasonable settlement, which Sunrise didn't want to accept
  • Supreme court refused to hear the case which should have been the end of it, but then...
  • Since agreement came about under previous democratic gov, cuntbag says he should be able to nullify it (want's a judge to throw it out)

Atheists sue Kansas Cityhttp://bit.ly/2awInH5

  • Modest Miles Ministry, company hosting National Baptist Convention in Kansas City in September, asked city for $65,000
  • Kansas City Council unanimously approved request (from city’s Neighborhood’s Tourist Dev. fund)
  • American Atheists is filing a federal lawsuit to prevent it from happening
  • This isn’t the first time either. City also gave same group money in 1998, 2003, 2010
  • American Atheists is asking for the $65,000 grant to be declared unconstitutional and for their attorney's fees to be paid for by the city.

This Week’s Stories

Aaron's 2nd Half

Gotta' catch'em all!
Pastor Rick Wiles: Satan Is Using Pokemon Go To Spawn Demonic Powers To Murder Christians (video) - http://bit.ly/2abqXPL
  • “Trunews” host Rick Wiles recounted a story about how he called the police after seeing a man taking photos of his office building, only to discover that the suspicious man was simply playing Pokémon Go on his phone.
  • “these Pokémon creatures are like virtual, cyber-demons” and that “what this man, Friday, was trying to find was the Pokémon demon that had been placed inside the ‘Trunews’ office.”.
  • “What if this technology is transferred to Islamic jihadists and Islamic jihadists have an app that shows them where Christians are located geographically?” he asked, noting that many of the app’s PokeStops and Gyms include churches and other houses of worship.
  • “The enemy, Satan, is targeting churches with virtual, digital, cyber-demons,” Wiles said, before adding: “I believe this thing is a magnet for demonic powers.”

And it's obviously toets true! Here's professional jackass, preacher and apparently demon collector Dwain Miller of r-kansas - http://bit.ly/2a6TSBF (video)

  • Probably a decade ago when Pokémon first came out — it was very big — I was called on three different occasions to deal with children who had become demon-possessed.
  • I was called to deal with a child who was so engrossed in Pokémon, the child literally become incapacitated. He could not walk, he could not speak, he had black soot running out of his eyes and his mouth and his nose, and we literally cast the demons out of this child…
  • he ironic thing about Miller’s rant is that his church is a gym in Pokémon Go — “I have to tell you: The Cross Life Church and Dwain Miller does not endorse Pokémon, and if you’re listening to me and you’re part of my church, you stop now and do not use our church and our property to promote this demonic issue.”

So yeah... he's a nob, but he's right, the pokemons are all over religious places like Westborrow and the Basilica of Our Lady of San Jan del Valle:

Father Wants Pokemon Go Users To Stay Away From Basilica Of Our Lady Of San Juan del Valle - http://bit.ly/2a6QExK

  • Father Amador Garza “Nobody asked us for permission to somehow put us in this game. And this is private property," Garza said. "All of the sudden I am invaded by all of these people who are not even here to pray."

Westboro Baptist Church In An Epic Battle For A Pokémon Go Gym - http://bit.ly/2a6QCpE

  • Pokémon trainer going by the handle Pinknose took control of the gym using a Clefairy named 'LoveIsLove'
  • The church's Pokemon of choice, apparently, is a Jigglypuff.
  • In an interview with USA Today, church elder Steve Drain said the church's location as a gym is a great opportunity to spread its message to a younger generation. “This little church, as despised and vilified as we are, the location of this church will be memorialized throughout eternity,” he insisted. “We're willing by God's grace to say that homosexuality is wrong, and that's what we've been known for, even though we preach the whole counsel of God.”

Unfortunately for Ricky boy, looks like Islam won't be handling his pokeballs any time soon...

Pokemon Go Is "prohibited" By Islam, Egyptian Religious Body Says - http://bit.ly/2a6QPcL

  • An official for the top Islamic authority in Egypt, Abbas Shouman, the deputy chief of al-Azhar, the world's foremost seat of Sunni Islamic learning.
  • Playing the game is as illicit as drinking alcohol, which is forbidden by Islam
  • "It negatively influences the mind and harms the player or others without being aware of that," Shouman said.
  • Pokemon Go is not yet available in Egypt.

But how do the poke-hell-spawn make it into Churches and shit?

"We assign values based on whether there is a water body in an area — so a stream, a river, a pond — whether areas are designated as zoos or parks, or other kinds of mapping designations," Hanke explained in regards to the placement of certain Pokémon. "...We utilise that [a geographic classification map] to map Pokémon species to appropriate habitats." - http://bit.ly/2a6OYVh

So it's completely random and Rick Whiles is a tool. Who knew. That said, there are a few places you might not want to spend your day poke-hunting:

  • World Trade Center Memorial
    Per Gothamist, someone had the oh-so-clever idea to leave a fish-like Pokémon (yeah, I am not gonna learn what they are all called) in the reflecting pool of the 9/11 Memorial.
  • Holocaust Museum
    Washington D.C.’s Holocaust Museum is seemingly the first spot to ask to opt out of this whole thing. “Playing the game is not appropriate in the museum, which is a memorial to the victims of Nazism,” museum Director Andrew Hollinger told the Washington Post. “We are trying to find out if we can get the museum excluded from the game.”
    They found a Pokémon called Koffing that emits poisonous gas floating by a sign for the museum's Helena Rubinstein Auditorium. The auditorium shows the testimonials of Jews who survived the gas chambers.
  • Auschwitz
    You can catch a “rattata,”
  • StarTrek Premiere
    Idris Elba was photographed next to a Squirtle. No word yet if Idris caught it.

Patreon Story
Ghana’s First Microbrewery Is Changing the Way Beer Is Made in Africa - http://bit.ly/2a6VdIw

  • 62, Clement Djameh drinks at least a beer a day. Since 2003, his glass has been filled with drafts he brewed himself exclusively using a local African grain called sorghum, The only imported ingredients are the hops.
  • Djameh and his colleague Fash Sawyerr are the founders of Ghana’s first-ever microbrewery, Inland Microbrewery. It’s located inside a crumbling, honey-colored mansion complete with Greek-style columns in Kwabenya, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Ghana’s capital, Accra
  • In 1986, Nigeria briefly banned the import of malted barley, and its breweries were forced to rely on sorghum and maize.
  • “When the ban went on, people were in a pickle,” said Alex Speers, the director of the International Centre of Brewing and Distilling (ICBD) at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. “They did have to do a lot of work to perfect it.”
  • Djameh, too, initially struggled to create his beers. With help from a grant provided by the United Nations, Djameh painstakingly tested more than 70 different varieties of sorghum before settling on 12 suitable for brewing, as part of research he conducted at the Ghanaian government’s Food Research Institute.
  • Raised in Ghana’s once German-occupied Volta Region, Djameh was exposed to beer from an early age. His father was a German teacher, and often socialized with visiting Germans in need of translation services. They would drink German beer together, and it fascinated Djameh. He promised himself that he would learn to make it some day.
  • After Ghana’s equivalent of high school, Djameh received a scholarship to study beer in Germany, at a technical university in Munich. He then returned to his home country, where he worked at some of the country’s largest breweries for decades.
  • “This will just raise the profile and pride of Ghana. People might not see it as very important, but local beer is something that we can claim and no one can take it away from us,” Mawuena Akyea, a Ghanaian-American culture writer and filmmaker, said.
  • On the 40-minute drive through Accra’s traffic-choked streets on the way to his brewery, Djameh pointed out a large, overgrown field filled with trash. He explained that the city has earmarked the field to be converted into a park.
  • “By the end of the year, I will move my microbrewery to this place,” he said, pointing. “I want to build a beer garden here.”

Next Week's Beer

India Pale Ale | Nebraska Brewing Company

Faith In Humanity Restored

Deaf Starbucks - http://bit.ly/2ayCbLy

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Bonus Cat Video

The Evolution Of Star Trek - http://bit.ly/2awJhmM


Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 089 - The One With Flaming Trumpons

July 22, 2016

In This Week’s Show a trans Ghanian brewer catches a phrophetet-chu-zard…ra… with a Florida judge’s tampon-bait.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Chaos (the first of the Greek gods) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I went into Victoria’s Secret a peasant and walked out a Knight! I shall henceforth be called Sir please leave you’re being creepy! 

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know that according to the 2001 Christian Encylopedia there are at least 33,830 different Christian denominations?

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

EOS Hefeweizen | Nebraska Brewing Company

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/29vF2GI
  • BA Rating: 87
  • Style: Hefeweizen
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Aaron: 10
  • Jenn: 8
  • Shea: 8
  • Steve: 6

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

We received our first text messages from a listener this week!

Thank you for the contact and we’re looking forward to a meeting you. Remember, listener communications that we mention on the show will receive a patreon cut of the episode wherein you’re mentioned, so use the drunk dial line to text or leave a message at (513) 760–0463 and get a free Patreon.com/w4w show!

We have three new patrons this week, yes that’s right, three!

  • Peter
  • Jaded
  • Stephen

I hope Peter can become more optimistic about Stephen, instead of being so … Jaded!

Ha! See what I did there? ~A

And a very special thanks to Mr. Bible Pants for his PayPal.me/4wrath donation! I hope those pants don’t itch too badly… 

iTunes Reviews

HEY (pardon my yelling)

I have listened to these guys from the beginning. It gets better so much better as time goes by. I love the beer talk. It is to bad I can not export to you some of our local Powell River B.C. brew. We are a small town but we have a Belgium brew master who has moved to our little town and needless to say we are very fortunate. One of the best parts of your podcast it the uplifting Faith in Humanity segment. Keep up the entertainment. One cretic Shea lighten up on Steve!

Fellow podcaster Bobby Cary of No Religion Required has been recently diagnosed with cancer and could really use our help with defraying the crippling costs of dealing with this malady. Please consider visiting his go fund me page at: https://www.gofundme.com/thecaryfamily

A big thank you to Matt & Tim of Atheism 101, we really appreciate the promo they ran for us last week! Can’t wait to have a beer with you guys at ReasonCon!


Christian Nutjob Shot Trans Woman In Face - http://bit.ly/2ak6FDM

  • Bigoted bastard fuck, Gerald Duane Lewis, shot Crystal Cash in the face at her place of business in Evansville, Indiana
  • Lewis claims membership in Israel United in Christ, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified as a hate group.
  • Cops said that Cash operated a known massage parlor (as well as initially referring to her as a man), but her brother publicly disputed that issue in an on-air TV interview: http://bit.ly/2ag3cmz
  • Indiana has no hate crime laws (big surprise since it’s the home of huge cunt, Mike Pence)

Another Sanctimonious Dickhead Judge Who Refused To Do His Job - http://bit.ly/2ak6B6L

  • Trigg county, Kentucky (shocking, I know) Judge Executive Hollis Alexander
  • Mandy Heath wanted to marry her fiance Jon, who are man and woman by the way, just requested that there be no mention of god in the civil ceremony
  • The fucker refused to do it, telling them, “I will be unable to perform your wedding ceremony… I include God in my ceremonies and I won’t do one without.”
  • Hemant Mehta called to confirm the story with the Judge who also told him he won’t do same sex marriages either
  • Friend of the show, Andrew Seidel, sent the underwear stain a letter reminding him of his “constitutional obligation to remain neutral on religious matters while acting in your official capacity”

(Patron Headline) Moronic Self-Proclaimed “prophet” Goes Full On Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego - http://bit.ly/2ag3N7M

  • Sim-ang-a-liso Mnc-wabe was preaching about King Nebuchadnezzar sentencing biblical warriors to the fiery furnace in the book of Daniel
  • Assuring his flock that there would miracles that day, he proceeded to douse himself with petrol
  • As the crowd cheered, he set himself on fire… It didn’t go as he planned
  • In under 3 minutes, he and 12 others were on fire. In under 30 minutes, he and 21 others were dead, and another 15 had 3rd degree burns

This Week’s Stories

Shea’s Story

TamponsForTrump - http://bit.ly/2ak70pR

Trumps new running mate Mike Pence, now i remember talking about him and having a bad taste in my mouth afterwards but I couldn’t remember why… Now I remember, Indiana, a couple months ago Governor Mike Pence signed one of the strictest antiabortion laws to date. A law where a woman could be jailed for up to 20 years for having a miscarriage as well as if you experience difficulties in your pregnancy, you could also be risking prison, trauma or death. This obviously caused an uproar and started the Twitter movement PeriodsForPence

Well now that Trump has aligned himself with Pence the campaign has shifted to include the Cheeto-faced goon as well. 

Updates from PeriodsForPence on Facebook - http://bit.ly/2ak6SGS

Jenn’s Discussion

Be nice to people.

Next Week’s Beer

Evil Twin Justin Blåbær - Evil Twin Brewery 

Faith In Humanity Restored

Texas Inmates Escape To Save Officer - http://cnn.it/2ak7EUw

Bonus Cat Video

Trailer for Flesh Gordon that I mention in the show…

It’s extra-why-hasn’t-YouTube-banned-it-yet-NSFW! cause there are boobs fucking everywhere. I honestly don’t remember it being that close to soft-core porn. Maybe there’s another version out there and I found the wrong trailer but I’m not sure and far too lazy to Google it. Either way, Shea is clearly right — it was fucking terrible! Even if it actually has the four of five jokes I recall being kinda funny at the time…


Maybe don’t click on this: http://bit.ly/29UOZyW (NSFW)

Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 088 - The One With Shea’s Holy Seed

July 15, 2016

In This Week’s Show A Colorado witch buries her tampons after catching measles at from a beer pipe at an epic wrap exorcism in Texas

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Abeona (roman goddess who protects travelers) hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying her patience!

Shea’s Life Lesson

This week I learned that the whole population of Wyoming can fit into a small park in Boston... There were over 500,000 people at the Boston Pops concert on the 4th and there is a little less than that in our entire state.

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

Did you know, per the Pew Research Center Seventh-day Adventists, Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses are among the most racially and ethnically diverse U.S. religious groups. The least diverse are the National Baptist Convention, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

5:00 O'Clock Afternoon Ale | Renegade Brewing Company
Donated by Ashley

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/29vDjBw
  • BA Rating: 78
  • Style: American Blonde Ale
  • ABV: 5%
  • Aaron: 7
  • Jenn: 7
  • Shea: 7
  • Steve: 7

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

Shea's Back from Boston and no one kidnapped him!


Jodie finally succumbed to the sultry tones that are our begging for money and became a patron!
Kyle also became a patreon, which is cool, cause now we have two Kyles! Gotta catch'em all!

iTunes Review
Great repartee found here

Either this entire gang is adept at making quick and witty remarks or someone does a masterful job in post. Either way I enjoy the show and listen every week. Full disclaimer: Tom and Cecil would sooner visit an egg nog tasting room than I would join in the beer tasting. Are their any other beverages you would consider sampling? For all you listeners out there - take two minutes and give a review so these guys stay motivated to give us more episodes!

Voicemail: (513) 760–0463


CO student stands up. “Teacher objects by failing her” - http://bit.ly/29vDwEG

  • Cidney Fisk, a student at Delta High School in Delta Colorado.
  • Spoke out in Oct. 2015 when DHS brought in an abstinence-only speaker.
  • Wrote article in school paper noting that every slide from Shelly Donahue's speech featured a christian cross.
  • Asked another speaker, Chad Williams, who spoke about drug abuse; what his qualifications were since his memoir was mostly about his christian conversion
  • Her student gov. teacher gave her a failing grades for three months (without giving her notice) posting the grades all at once.
  • She's graduated now, but is telling other students at Delta to keep quiet if they want scholarships.

The stupid of a few literally infects others - http://bit.ly/29vDc99

(don't follow link because the fuckers have an autoplay video)
  • 22 cases of Measles in Pinal County, AZ, 9 of which are staff at Eloy detention center (ICE facility managed by the Corrections Corporation of America.)
  • ICE leadership not cooperating with Pinal County health staff
  • Apparently the staff are passing it to each other and the community
  • Measles as an endemic disease was eliminated from the United States in 2000, but continues to be reintroduced by international travelers.

Beer pipeline? Yes, please. - http://bit.ly/29vDf4P

  • Bruges, Belgium is about to be home to a two mile long beer pipeline running under the streets of the historic city
  • De Halve Maan brewery, which has been in operation nearly continuously since 1564, is building the pipeline
  • Connects the brew house in a historic part of the city to a bottling facility an industrial area
  • Facing the pressing need to either move out of the old area or think radically
  • Tanker trucks had issues navigating the narrow winding streets
  • Hired tunneling experts and used computer controlled drills to minimize damage to old (cobblestone) streets

This Week’s Stories

Shea's Story
Eternal Life for the low cost of $1,144.00!
This week on Trumped up, we get to learn about a new discovery out of Florida where our favorite president wanna-be has joined forces with Jesus (and televangelist Paula White) to bring us eternal life...for a one time fee, of course. 

Call now and you too, can be the proud new owner of a Resurrection Seed, not to be confused with the resurrection stone out of Harry Potter. When used correctly by “sowing the seed and having faith” the dead will rise like Lazarus.

Now how much would you pay for this miracle? A million dollars?No. 250 thousand dollars?NO! How about tree fiddy? Not today. Call now and with one easy payment of $1144 you too can live knowing you can live some more later...

BUT Wait! There's more, call in the next 30 minutes and we will sent you a special anointed prayer cloth that people promise they have prayed over so you know its true. You can bring forth special miracles and wonders with these special cloths. Put them under your bed, in your shoes or on random body parts for God healing!

Don't delay, life doesn't last forever, yet...
Call (513) 760–0463
That's (513) 760–0463
Call today!

On another note, We here at Waiting 4 Wrath are selling seeds as well, seeds of doubt, which when cultivated in bullshit will allow you to escape this country and watch this comedy unfold. They can be yours now for the low low price of an i tunes review....

Jenn's Story
After Loss In Supreme Court Abortion Case Tx Governor Wants To Mandate Funerals For Fetal Tissue - http://bit.ly/29vDwVa

Now that Texas has lost a major abortion case at the Supreme Court, and clinics do not have to meet unreasonable and unnecessary standards to provide care for women, Gov. Greg Abbott is desperate to find another obstacle to stick in the way of women who want or need to have abortions.

He may have found one: Beginning in September, Abbott wants all aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated. Or, to put it another way, he wants to mandate funerals for fetal tissue.

A proposal of the commission’s rules, issued on July 1, listed what would be the state’s new regulations. Fetal tissue “regardless of the period of gestation” would need to be disposed of by cremation, burial, incineration followed by burial, or steam disinfection followed by burial.

Aaron's Story
Japanese spa offers 'exorcism' for your dog - http://bit.ly/29vDBYU
  • A senior Shinto priest will come to the spa to conduct a ceremonial blessing to rid your pup of bad spirits and pray for its future health.
  • "The exorcism for your dog is celebrated along with its owner at the Shingariyu shrine within the hotel."
  • It only takes 30 minutes, according to the site. And it costs $430 -- room and pet-owner dinner included.

Patron Story
Epic Rap Battles of ... Jesus...  http://bit.ly/29vE39Q

Fucking white people... also, this is the origonal: http://bit.ly/29vEnFs
Yeah... Apple Bottle Jesus... makes the world... throw up a little bit...

Aaron's Extra Story
Alleged witchcraft killer burnt to death - http://bit.ly/29vEm4b
  • Giyani - A man who was on the run from police after he allegedly burnt a pensioner to death in an act of witchcraft has in turn been burnt to death by an angry vigilante mob in Rotterdam near Guyani, police in Limpopo said on Monday.
  • The police said they arrested two of the man’s alleged accomplices after an 82-year-old woman in the community was burnt to death at the weekend.
  • The two men who were arrested for killing the elderly woman will appear before the Tiyani Magistrate court soon on a charge of murder.

Next Week's Beer

EOS Hefeweizen | Nebraska Brewing Company

Faith In Humanity Restored

Hitler Funds Holocaust Charity: http://bit.ly/29vEmS5

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Bonus Cat Video

Donald and Hobbes - http://m.imgur.com/gallery/nw9TX

Batman and Jesus Trailer - http://bit.ly/29HwCtb

Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 087 - The One Where Canada Feels The Pride

July 8, 2016

In This Week’s Show Gordon Klingonshit used medical syrup to euthanize a possessed Santa Ana demonic blogger.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Rhadamanthus hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Jenn’s Lesson

Did you know that Jehovah’s Witnesses are forbidden to own or wear a cross?

Jim’s Good Gay News

Study Gay Wedding Spending Nearly Doubled Since Equality Ruling - http://bit.ly/29i2Eu7

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

11th Hour IPA | Crow Peak Brewing brought to us by RW.

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/294zm3S
  • BA Rating: 80
  • Style: American IPA
  • ABV: 6.50%
  • Aaron: 3
  • Jenn: 5
  • Jim: 2
  • Steve: 5

Patreon Beer

Brunette Nut Brown Ale | Nebraska Brewing Co.

  • Brought to us by RW.
  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/29i2Vgp
  • BA Rating: 81
  • Style: Nut Brown Ale
  • ABV: 4.80%
  • Aaron: 10
  • Jenn: 8
  • Jim: 9
  • Steve: 9

This Week’s Show

Round Table Discussion

We got a lovely voicemail from… someone… If you’re the someone we don’t know your number or voice so… sorry about that but write in and let us know so we can send you a patreon cut of the show (unless you’re already a patron, in which case, go team!)

There are no new voicemails so hop over to the drunk dial line and leave one!

Voicemail: (513) 760–0463

Special thanks to the patrons, some of you have donated a lot of money to us! We’re grateful and we work hard to insure it’s money well spent!


Like a good laxative. The shit is out. - http://dpo.st/29qr6Ps

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt lost his bid to become a CO state senator
  • Gave up his seat in the CO house to run for Senate
  • Lost his bid by losing the primary to Bob Gardner 61.7% to 38.2% (nice, wide margin)
  • Bob Gardner (another Air Force veteran) looks to be just as conservative as the douche-nozzle that he beat in the primary, but baby steps…

Slap on the wrist for murder http://bit.ly/29ugJby

  • Followup from Episode 71: David Stephan and wife Collet Stephan who killed their son Ezekiel by not treating his menignitis, have been sentenced… barely.
  • If you’ll remember, they used naturopatic “remedies” and the boy died
  • Jury found them Guilty in April, but sentencing was just handed down.
  • First of all they only face a maximum of five year in prison, but they were actually sentenced to:
  • Father: four months in jail, mother: three months of house arrest
  • At least the judge said their three remaining kids will have to see a (real) doctor once a year and a public health nurse four times a year.

Catholic school can fund their own work - http://bit.ly/29i4bjD

  • Santa Ana City Council in California was considering giving $2.5 million to a Catholic high school to help them construct a new building and parking garage.
  • FFRF legal fellow Ryan Jane wrote a letter to town saying the following:

    “We are writing to object to the proposed grant to Mater Dei because distributing public money to a private religious school violates both the Federal Constitution and the California state constitution.

    The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment prohibits the government from supporting religious activities with public funds… The city of Santa Ana violates this principle when it funds the expansion of a private parochial school.”

  • Letter worked and now the city is no longer considering the grant

This Week’s Stories

Aaron’s Story

Board-Certified New York Psychiatrist Thinks “Demonic Possession” Can Be the Correct Diagnosis - http://bit.ly/29rsTAB

  • Richard Gallagher, a board-certified psychiatrist and a professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College, has a book coming out that literally gives the devil his due. It’s about demonic possession, which Gallagher says is totally a real thing.
  • despite having trained at Yale and Columbia, and being, in his own words, “a man of science” as well as “a man of reason,” Gallagher became convinced

Patreon Story

Christian Blogger: Christy Sheats Rightly Killed Her Daughters Because They Were Seeing Black Guys http://bit.ly/29fBn0P

  • Christy Sheats is the Texas mother who shot and killed both of her children (ages 22 and 17) before being gunned down by police.
  • narrative surrounding her includes the fact that she opposed any sort of gun regulation, saying on Facebook as recently as March that “It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away.”
  • Christian writer Jennifer Mayers found a way to make it so much worse. On her blog (tagline: “Spreading Positivity through Jesus Christ”), Mayers defended the killing of Sheats’ daughters because — wait for it — they were dating black guys.
  • Looks like this one is bad satire or at the very least a troll... or, for the sake of our own sanity, we're going with that side of the argument - 7/7

Next Week’s Beer

5:00 O’Clock Afternoon Ale | Renegade Brewing Company-Ashley

  • BA Link: http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/25958/72224/
  • BA Rating: 78
  • Style: American Blonde Ale
  • ABV: 5%

Faith In Humanity Restored

CANADA: Justin Trudeau Becomes First Sitting Prime Minister To March In LGBT Pride Paradehttp://bit.ly/29fAHbU

Adoption for gay couples become legal in all 50 stateshttp://huff.to/29i6Slh

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Bonus Cat Video

The 75th anniversary of TV’s first commercial: http://bit.ly/29qqycF

Waiting 4 Wrath - Episode 086 - The One Where Utah Bans Us For “Obsenity” … Puft, Welcome To The Internet.

July 1, 2016

In This Week’s Show Tennessee’s Tramps trample Al’Taayb’s tits with Trumps Texas Trouser Tech.

Now, grab a beer and help us test the god hypothesis — because, while Xipe Totec hasn’t struck us down yet, we are trying his patience!

Jim’s Good Gay News

6/26/16National Equality Day

Jenn’s Actual Lesson

In honor of the 4th of July this weekend, today’s fun fact is a quote from (non-Christian) founding father John Adams:

We should begin by setting conscience free. When all men of all religions … shall enjoy equal liberty, property, and an equal chance for honors and power … we may expect that improvements will be made in the human character and the state of society.

But before we get to all that, let’s have a beer!

This Week’s Beer

Delirium Tremens | Brouwerij Huyghe

  • BA Link: http://bit.ly/28SkUzx
  • BA Rating: 91
  • Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
  • ABV: 8.5%
  • Aaron: 9
  • Jenn: 5
  • Shea: i gave it a 9 last week onthink
  • Steve: 4
  • Jim: 5
  • Jew Jew (Ashley’s BFF): 10

Round Table Discussion

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Shea is gone, gone, gone to Boston for a while.



A very special congratulations to Rebecca & Dave for their 9th anniversary! Here's to many more years together ... and I suppose with Dave too ;)

Unrelated, I’m totally working on that RSS/email request :) ~A

Felisha from Utah Outcasts Podcast:

Full audio available here: http://bit.ly/299gFik

We appreciate the feedback and the enunciation! Google Voice got like, 99% of the message right. Steve and Aaron were both very impressed.

Holy emissary of the Divine Napkin, Gerge Takei

"If this is your God, he’s not very impressive. He has so many psychological problems; he’s so insecure. He demands worship every seven days. He goes out and creates faulty humans and then blames them for his own mistakes. He’s a pretty poor excuse for a Supreme Being."

— Spock, The God Thing: Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Star Trek Novel rejected by Paramount in 1975.

If you want to kick as much ass as these fine folks you can leave us your own drunk dial at: (513) 760–0463


  • Tramps Against Trump Send Nudes To Voters - http://bit.ly/299haJA

    The Tramps against Trump will send you boobs for voting! Did I mention we have an email address too? ;)

  • Logic to prevail over Islam? - http://bit.ly/299hyHQ

    Apparently, the fact that atheists are reasonable and use sensible arguments as well as human rights groups who treat those who leave Islam with dignity are undermining Islam and it’s adherents.

  • America isn’t white enough - http://bit.ly/294xQPc

    Fuck. This. Bigot. Fuck.

This Week’s Stories

Aaron’s Story

Utah, which declared X-rated films a ‘public health crisis,’ gets its first porn-seeking dog - http://nydn.us/28Z9pCv

  • The 16-month-old K–9, named “URL” but pronounced “Earl,” was rescued from a shelter as a puppy and went through half a year of training in Indiana to search for porn.
  • URL’s highly sensitive nose has been trained to sniff out chemical compounds found in thumb drives, phones, SIM cards, SD cards, hard drives, tablets and iPads, the Weber County Sheriff’s office said in a statement.
  • URL learned from the same trainer as “Bear,” the pup who busted ex-Subway pitchman and convicted sex offender Jared Fogle, after sniffing out a hidden thumb drive packed with child pornography.

Patreon Story

Dozens of Ignorant Fire-Walkers Injured at Tony Robbins Seminar - http://bit.ly/28ZajPc

  • Dozens of people were injured last night at a Tony Robbins motivation seminar in Dallas — and five of them were hospitalized — after burning themselves during the fire-walking portion of the event
  • Seminar participants walk over a bed of hot coals. If you can do that, the idea goes, you can do anything.
  • But fire-walking is just an illusion.
  • In other words, you shouldn’t stop to take selfies, as some participants reportedly did.
  • This isn’t the first time people have been hurt during the fire-walking segment of a Robbins seminar. In 2012, 21 attendees were injured. Clearly, people haven’t learned their lesson.

Jenn’s Story

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Abortion Opinion Us - http://huff.to/299iThL

TX and other Southern states are probably in the midst of losing their goddamn minds. The Supreme Court ruled as of recording today that H.B. 2 Texas law was unconstitutional.

The 2013 Texas law that the court struck down would have required all abortions to take place in ambulatory surgical centers, or mini-hospitals, instead of regular clinics. 

Ginsburg kept her argument simple: Abortions are statistically safer than many simpler medical procedures, including tonsillectomies, colonoscopies, in-office dental surgery and childbirth — but Texas does not subject those procedures to the same onerous requirements. 

Given those realities, it is beyond rational belief that H.B. 2 could genuinely protect the health of women, and certain that the law ‘would simply make it more difficult for them to obtain abortions,’ Ginsburg wrote. “When a State severely limits access to safe and legal procedures, women in desperate circumstances may resort to unlicensed rogue practitioners … at great risk to their health and safety.

She goes on:

So long as this Court adheres to Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers laws like H.B. 2 that ‘do little or nothing for health, but rather strew impediments to abortion,’ cannot survive judicial inspection.

The Texas abortion law has already shut down about half of the 42 clinics that operated across the state in 2013 before it went into effect, leaving large swaths of rural Texas without any abortion provider. Women without access to safe and legal abortion in the state have already started to buy abortion pills from Mexico and take matters into their own hands.

Enjoy an awesome decision from an awesome lady, by coloring her in! Ruth Gator Ginsberg Coloring Book - http://bzfd.it/299jqQO

Next Week’s Beer

11th Hour IPA | Crow Peak Brewing

Faith In Humanity Restored

Kids Who Don’t Have Beds Get Sleepover at Cowboys Stadium, Take Home 100 Twin Sets - http://bit.ly/299klAI

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Suggestion from the homo, badass granny stand up comic: http://bit.ly/299jUq8